Is businessman Emeka Offor broke?

Is Nigeria’s most profile businessman broke, philanthropist and government contractor, Emeka Offor broke? Why did it happen? Check in this article!

Emeka Offor

Is Emeka Offor really broke? This question bothered minds of his family members, friends, and associates of the famous businessman. It was revealed that employees of the companies, where Offor is in charge, haven’t get the salary for several months. 

Emeka Offor foundation

Offor can’t afford jets anymore

The popular businessman is so cash-strapped that he often travels between Abuja and Lagos by road. Previously, he used to hire planes for his trips within and outside the country. Surprisingly, sources close to Offor proved that he wasn’t able to afford the jets since the last year, which cost 6 000 dollars per hour.

Emeka Offor

Owners of the leased private aircraft, which Emeka used, confiscated the jet because of the businessman's inability to pay the accumulated rental fees. Moreover, according to investigations, Emeka has enough funds to travel local first class flights in Nigeria. In spite of that, he has chosen to travel by road because he is afraid to be mocked if seen on commercial flights.

Emeka Offor philantropist

Shocking details about Offor

One relative of Emeka told some shocking facts about the businessman. According to he, Emeka's father remains in the mortuary in Ekwusigo Local Government Area for already seven months. The reason is that Offor can’t afford high profile burial for his father right now.  He gets very enemy when relatives ask him about the date of burial.

Some his companies in Abuja were closed for a year now because of the business challenges.  Employees of the companies told that Offor stopped paying them salaries after President Buhari came into office in May 2015.

Emeka Offor bussinessman

Business challenges

In the 1990s, Emeka’s company  ANCHOFF Strongholds Ltd was blacklisted by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.  The reason was its bad performance on a controversial turnaround maintenance contract awarded it for the 115 000 barrels per day Warri Refinery and Petrochemical Company in Delta State.

Recently, the Romanian partners sued Emeka for not paying them. However, the judgment wasn’t executed yet for unknown reasons. Meanwhile, the financial troubles of the businessman have given Oraifite people the courage to protest against him

Emeka Offor bussiness

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Emeka Offor may be broke

It is known that Anglian Church has deleted Emeka’s name from the roll of knights of the faith, referring to his polygamous status.

On January 3, 2014, the businessman married a third wife, Adaora Ufondu. His wife hails from offor’s hometown in a  lavish ceremony where Flavor and P-square played. They are very expensive musicians. Emeka’s knighthood was withdrawn after Anglicans from Oraifite claimed that church which upholds monogamous marriage will not honor a man with several wives.

 a third wife, Adaora Ufondu

Mr. Offor was rebuffed so far by President Buhari. However, the business person hasn't given up the idea of getting close to him. Emeka has joined APC quietly. He also asked his partners to Join APK. Such partners include ex-Senate President Ken Nnamani.  Currently, Ken Nnamani is a chairperson of the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company.

Watch the video to learn what Emeka Offor thinks about philanthropy.

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