Second hand clothes: how to start a lucrative small business in Lagos?

Looking to start a lucrative small business in Nigeria? How about paying a visit to the largest Lagos second hand market and starting to sell there?

Looking for a great small business idea for Nigeria? How about second hand clothes and shoes? Such things give you a chance to raise high profit with low investment. You can sell second hand clothes and make your living. Let us get all the details.

Second hand clothes in nigeria

How to sell second hand clothes

Have you ever been to the second hand market in Lagos? It is a huge place with tons of things sold there. People go there all the time to find new clothes and they say even Nigerian celebrities visit the market to get some of their finest outfits.

People call it “Okrika”. Why is it a lucrative small business idea? Just because you do not have to invest much money into it. Basically you can even start the business at home or in your neighborhood. They import the used clothes in packs. You go to the wholesaler and buy one or more packs there. You unpack it, sort the clothes, and calculate the price of each item (the prime cost). Then you double the price and sell things.

Second hand clothes in Lagos?

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As a rule most items would cost from 1 to 3 dollars or N200-900. The price is more than affordable. Nigerians just love getting new outfits, but they cannot often times afford the new stuff. That is why second hand clothes to sell make you high profits. You offer something people need, something they love and they can actually afford it.

Second hand in Lagos?

Most used clothe items look great and no one would know where they were gotten. People can shop for anything on such a market or in such a shop, from underwear to bathing suits or even wedding dresses. And if you get them to buy few things for the first time and they love it, they would keep on coming back. It is addictive!

And what is best you can even sell the clothes through internet. That means you need no selling spot, no rent to pay, nothing. This business is easy to start and it can pay for your living, your schooling or even your new car! 


Second-hand has always been a lucrative business in spite of the country. What kosaemo Nigeria , that for most people - is salvation . Some are not bad money , the other is not bad for a small amount of wear . Most importantly, the investment for such incomes for not needed , unless you rent the room . You can set up shop on the Internet , to provide advertising and sales will go . Over time, it is advisable to open a shop , a business in Nigeria will go up quickly , especially if your keeping the thing will be in excellent condition .

Answered 1 year ago.

It's a very good idea for the initial business. If scared to invest a large sum at once, you can really start with a small amount of things. You will sell them to the apartment, or near the house. Then, when your things go well, you can expand a little, rent a room or something like that. Among the things second-hand a lot of new clothes, which is still with tags or simply never dressed. But do not too much to raise prices, because it might alienate customers. Everyone starts out small, and for his work gets due. Good luck to those who decide to take advantage of the idea!

Answered 1 year ago.
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