South African Blacks - Could It Be Inferiority Complex?


Its no news that S/African Blacks would love to wake up someday to see a South Africa free of Nigerians. It however baffles my mind that these S/African Blacks have a deep seated hatred for other africans - Nigerians in particular considering the role we played during the apartheid. I recall the days of the apartheid.

The south African Blacks were more or less slaves.

They needed a gate pass and ID card to go into the white areas to do menial jobs.

They were not allowed to gather in large groups else the irrational white policemen would disperse them violently in the name of "unlawful assembly".

They lived in wooden houses whereas the white dominated areas were world-class - and the labour used to build these white cities was supplied by the blacks.

White youths were allowed to carry guns by law as self-defense - presumably to shoot any black that poses a threat to his life.

This is just a tip of the iceberg of how bad the apartheid was (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apartheid)

A friend told me that once in a mall, there was a queue of blacks was and this white woman came and walked past all the blacks and went straight to the counter to transact. Everyone was mute! Suddenly this bold guy challenged her, dealt her a blow of harsh words and got her to where she should be - at the back of the queue. Next thing? Questions from here and there "Are you Nigerian? Are you Nigerian?" of course he was! This occurrence was even after the Apartheid.

Throughout all these, other african nations, especially nigeria, stood by them until they got their freedom.

Now that they have got their freedom, Nigeria is the enemy. South Africn Blacks (like Mpele and co) hate Nigerians with a passion. They went ahead on a rampage recently burning other african immigrants in their country. If this was how the US was burning illegal immigrants, would they be where they are today?

My mind tells me two things

1) Could it be because of the nefarious activities of Nigerians in SA?

I reason that it is not. Even in Europe, Nigerians have bad records. I am not in any way making excuses for the sins of Nigerians. I hate crime with a passion. However, in europe, there has not really been a time when there was a mass riot and open burning of africans as we saw recently in SA.

The MD of shoprite nigeria openly said to a newspsper reporter "Nigeria is safer to do business than South Africa. In Nigeria, they rob you and apologize to you that its the bad economy. In South Africa, they rob you and KILL YOU!"

A relative of mine went to SA for a course and the tour guide was taing them around. When they got to Heilbron, he (a white) refused to drive further. Why? He said there was every possibility (almost a certainty) that they would be shot from a window on one of the buildings. SA has one of the worst crime rates in the world. Their blacks are VIOLENT and non-industrious. They are relatively uneducated even though they have the best Universities in Africa.

They molest carelessly, kill recklessly and have a high rate of teenage pregnancy. We all know that the position of SA on the World Health Organisation list for AIDS (Number 1 Position) is attributed to the black population)

A south African friend of mine ( a white) told me that Nigerians in south africa are into ORGANISED CRIME - Not violent crime. He said they mainly are into bank frauds, scams, shady money deals (crimes that involve brain work)but NOT the violent type of crime like gang molest, robbery etc.

Surprisingly, the people who desperately want Nigerians out are not the Whites! Its the blacks!

South Africa is ranked to be much more unsafe than Nigeria.

This leaves to to reason that its not the crime issue that alienates us from SA Blacks. Their Blacks are probably worse criminals.

2) Could it be Jealousy/inferiority complex?

Well, a colleague went for an IT conference organised

by one of the Biggest IT firms in the world. SA was the only venue for Africa. Surprisingly, there was NO SINGLE SA black there. ALL the blacks there we NIGERIANS! The SA Blacks are NOT empowered. They

are not as literate as Nigerians. The average SA Black is applying to Honda Plant in SA as a cleaner/janitor or technician whereas the Nigerian in SA is applying to the same Honda Plant as a Mechanical Design Engineer. This same colleague of mine told me that its only Nigerian that challenge the whites in SA as per qualification level, exposure, corporate positions and wealth in general. In Johannesburg, if you see a black in any white collar position, chances are he/she is Nigerian.

In effect, it is reasonable to think that this feeling of hate is because they feel inferior/threatened to/by Nigerians.

What's your take?

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Durban's 'white' suburbs are now 'black'

It is official: the affluent formerly white suburbs of Kloof and Durban North are now dominated by black Africans, and townships like KwaMashu and uMlazi are sparsely scattered with white residents.

Senior ANC leaders visited Nelson Mandela at his home in Houghton a few weeks after he was discharged from hospital. ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa and chairwoman Baleka Mbete stand behind President Jacob Zuma and Mandela.

The 2011 National Census results, broken down into suburb-specific detail, were released yesterday, and the key migratory patterns observed throughout the country since the previous census in 2001 are just as prevalent in KwaZuluNatal, as a stronger black middle class emerges.

The figures show that there are now almost 16 000 black Africans living in Kloof, as opposed to just more than 10 000 white residents. Black Africans make up 54 percent of Kloof residents, while coloureds, Indians and whites account for just 1, 11 and 34 percent respectively. In Durban North, black Africans also outnumber their white counterparts, although not by much, making up 37 percent of the population, compared with 32 percent. The Indian population in Durban North is also closing in on that of whites, now at 25 percent.

Dr Arulsivanathan Naidoo, the head of Stakeholder Relations at Stats SA, said yesterday that this trend mirrored that which was taking place throughout South Africa.

"Since the start of our democracy until 2001, when the previous census was held, there was not much change in terms of migration patterns and suburb population dynamics. However, in the 10 years from 2001 until 2011, the last census, there has been a lot of change, and this recent census is the first real accurate count between those two points."

Naidoo said that the black Africans that were moving into the formerly white suburbs were bringing with them higher incomes and education levels. Black Africans were also catching up to the numbers of their white counterparts in Westville and Morningside.

Chatsworth is still dominated by Indians, who make up 60 percent of the population, but 38 percent - or 75 004 residents - are now black Africans.

The statistics also show that KwaMashu, although having a 99 percent black African population, also has 145 white residents. A total of 1 457 Indian and 303 coloureds also live in KwaMashu.

Similarly, uMlazi, with a total population of over 400 000, has 285 white, 999 Indian and 578 coloured residents. Durban's statistics also showed that 48 percent of both uMhlanga and Hillcrest residents had completed some higher education, followed by 47 percent of Westville residents.

Higher education levels in KwaMashu, uMlazi, Phoenix and Chatsworth ranged from 9 to 12 percent.

However, KwaMashu households have the highest percentage of married residents over the age of 16, with 97 percent. By comparison, only 82 percent of Morningside households are occupied by married couples.

Naidoo said the latest census statistics at suburb level showed a decrease in the number of people in South Africa living without basic essentials such as water and electricity.

"The quality of life generally has improved throughout the country, with more people now having access to basic services," he said. However, there were still small pockets of people who had not seen an improvement in their living standards.

The Mercury

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Another miserable filth overwelmed Nigerian trying to escape his misery to SA, playing mind games. I have no time for this filth.

The answer is A BIG YES, if it makes sleepwell at night. And by the way its our perogative to love or reject. You cannot force us.


I took the time to read Monthlyspectator's comments in full. Not wanting to descend to his uppish type of analysis, I will succinctly share my impression then provide a challenge:

Monthlyspectator is good at analysing chopped text but he sucks at understanding context. Lost in detail.

If, like Cap28, you believe that whites stole South African land and resources and that blacks should make them payback then I challenge you to give reasons so that I can respond to them.

I wont respond to your straw man evaluation of segments of my posts that didn't snuggle well with your emotions.


I seem to have hit a nerve.


i cannot imagine anyone defending south africa , ...... f..k u


Looking back, I slightly regret posting my comments in a state of anger and irritation. Next time, I will try to take some time off and calm down before making a response to someone no matter how irritating and outrageous that person is.

Let me briefly revisit the HIV issue because, in my haste, I neglected to elaborate on my reference to the guy’s statement - “yes the Nigerian percentage is small because of the big population” - as being ‘illogical’. The problem is that he conveniently selected Nigeria while totally ignoring the fact that there are many other countries in west Africa and other parts of Africa beyond the southern and eastern region (climates suitable for white settlement) that have relatively small populations but do not have much of an AIDS problem. It was obviously a disingenuous response to the points made by cap28, who he was responding to. Even if his claim about the absolute number of people in Nigeria with HIV was true (which it isn’t), what about the other non-southern African countries with much smaller populations?

Also, there was a rather amusing typo that I made at a certain point that went like this:

Of course what I meant to write was “fat, elderly unattractive women.” Though, I am sure that fat and elderly women can also be attractive sometimes. But, needless to say, those were not the types that were shown. Anyway, I’m sure you get the point that was been made.

Like I said earlier, such issues may seem trivial and not even worth mentioning. Nonetheless, given the obsession and relentlessness with which the white media (especially in the US) engages in this sort of subtle racial propaganda, it is clear that it is extremely important to them. At this point, someone like paniki would then ask: why does that mean it should be important to us? My response to that would simply be that it doesn’t. That is until you take into account the fact that it negatively affects black people. It’s the principle of ‘your freedom to swing your fist ends where my nose begins’. Whites are free to glorify themselves as much as they want. But when it also involves a simultaneous denigration of black people it then becomes a problem. This is especially true when black people simply do not have the means or even the fortitude to engage in the deliberate enhancement of the image of their own race even by superficial methods. A lot of people underestimate how easily and deeply human beings are influenced by superficial evaluations of other people, especially large groups of people. People also tend to overestimate the commitment of human beings in general to objectivity and non-biased appraisal of others.

Of course, in an ideal world, black people could simply pull up their socks, shrug off racism and get to work on building up themselves economically so that they would eventually win the respect of other races. But this is not an ideal world. Most blacks simply do not have the mentality to do that for various reasons. American comedian Bill Cosby tried to stimulate something like that a couple of years ago only to be met with harsh criticism from other black people as well as a cynically gleeful white media. The fact is that people have to deal with reality as it is and, from there, try to win as much self-respect as possible with the situation that they’ve been given. You play the cards that you are dealt. However, this does not mean that they cannot, at the same time, work on building themselves up. There is more than one approach to either personal or group upliftment and more than one can, and should, be tried simultaneously if necessary. Respect can be won by either earning it or demanding it.

I myself have always being critical of indolence and lethargy on the part of many black people. I even dislike the tendency of most black youths in America to focus on sports and entertainment as a way of ‘making it’ rather than academic perseverance. Furthermore, in ideological terms, I am not a liberal sort of person but one with very conservative attitudes. But what annoyed me about this guy’s comments was that he was talking as if the commendable practice of a group of people working hard and focusing on building themselves up entails that they therefore should ignore abuse, subjugation and character assassination by another group. This is a ridiculous mindset especially when, like I said, this ‘commendable’ group practice is simply not a reality. Besides, this foolish attitude ignores the brutal fact that life is very competitive and one can hardly expect a group of people in the situation that black people are in to ‘build themselves up’ against the status quo without trampling upon conflicting interests along the way.

In fact, that brings me to something else I noticed in the guy’s writings that I found extremely irritating. There was an obvious strain of selfishness and hypocritical redundancy in his comments. Basically, he finds himself in a rather comfortable and privileged position as a black person. He also does not perceive any attempts by whites to subvert his economic well-being. Therefore, in this bird’s nest of his, he coos out admonitions at every other black person, regardless of their own circumstances or perspectives, that they should ‘shut up’, ‘don’t speak against racism’, ‘be grateful to the white man like I am’, ‘focus on building yourself and don’t bother if someone is messing you up at the same time.’ This is an extremely selfish, hypocritical mindset and it is no wonder that he is oblivious of the redundancy of his own declarations. Of course, the most annoying thing is his firm belief that black people are intrinsically incapable of doing any of the things which he praised white south Africans for doing, such as extracting minerals, providing running water and electricity etc. As a result of this, black people should therefore be grateful and not bother about injustice. Meanwhile, according to him, they should concentrate on developing their own ‘things’. Since he believes that blacks are so dumb and incapable, I wonder what those things are that he expects them to focus on developing. Perhaps he means shopping malls built with mud or shopping malls built inside trees – which he believes his people came down from 200 years ago.


I have to agree with cap28’s comments here. The only reason Nelson Mandela is venerated and held in high esteem by the westerners is because of his ‘forgiveness’ nonsense; in other words, his willingness to allow the whites to get away with all the crimes they committed, without so much as even an apology, and continue looting the country’s wealth as they had always done while blacks like paniki kiss the feet of their oppressors for giving them water and power supply. If Mandela had acted with any sense of justice, he would have been treated almost as badly as Mugabe is been treated today. In fact, he would most likely not even be alive today. They would probably have simply dealt with him the same way they dealt with MKO Abiola.

While reading through those “GOOD”, “BAD” points on SA that cap28 listed, I couldn’t help thinking about one interesting example of the continuing racism and white domination of south africa (particularly the south african media) that I would like to mention. This may seem rather trivial but did you notice something about the world cup coverage in 2010? I could not help but notice how the cameramen and editors constantly avoided showing black people during the matches despite the fact that the event was taking place in an African country. They particularly avoided showing good-looking black females and only focused on white ones. The few times that black females were shown, it was fat, elderly attractive women. From the way they covered the event and edited the images of fans in the stadiums throughout the entire tournament, you would have thought the world cup was taking place in a European country, and, furthermore, you would have thought that beautiful young black women do not exist in south africa. Note that this sort of thing is very typical of white American media racism against blacks in their country where they constantly hyper-promote white beauty (as well as asian and hispanic beauty) while they suppress black beauty and make it seem as if pretty black females are very rare or hardly exist. It was interesting to see the south african media behaving in a similar manner.

Nice move. Pretending that he did not know that the guy was referring to the Bantustans. Notice how he changes the subject into a cry-fest for the boers. It’s hard to believe that this guy is actually a black person. Of course, this is the internet where people can pretend to be anything. So you never really know.

After reading this, I am really starting to suspect that this guy is actually a white person (an Afrikaner, most likely). Still, I would not be surprised if he really is what he says he is. I know that there are a lot of ignorant black people who think like this. This is why the black race is in the state that it is in.

As an example of what I am saying, look at the following sentence which he wrote in a later paragraph:

Isn’t this what white racists typically say?

Another example:

Like I said, this is the internet where people can pretend to be anything.

Apart from the hypocrisy and irony of the first sentence (if he really is black), notice that these very same words could have been said to Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela (pre-1960) or any other person who was concerned about injustice so as to get them to shut up.

Nice try. Formal ownership of land is a “western concept” my butt. Maybe in your sick mind Africans never formally owned land before whites came but I suggest you go and read up on African history including the history of your own bantu people (if you are black, of course) and especially the history of West African civilizations, to educate yourself on the matter. The part that I bolded is another fine example of the use of projection and hypocrisy in trying to deviously win one’s side of an argument. By the way, has this guy never heard of the Native Land Act?

Interesting. I lived in Botswana for many years and I never heard any Motswana person talk like this. In fact, most of them would have been appalled by the things that this guy is writing. But it may simply be a south african thing. I don’t know.

Of course, this had nothing to do with the Bantu Education Act. Black people simply have no interest in being scientists and engineers.

And these two things can never be mutually contradictory?

When ever you get robbed or beaten up in whatever city you are living in, remember not to get angry otherwise you will be allowing the perpetrator(s) to control your emotions.

If only.

I am getting tired of making fun of this guy’s posts. But judging from the responses of other ‘black’ south africans, it is clear that this guy is not alone in this way of thinking. I can’t really say I blame these people, given how anxious most black people seem to be to live in white countries while being ignorant of the root causes of the stagnation of their own countries. It is human nature to take the path of least resistance and to go along to get along. Psychologists have discovered that subjugated groups tend to instinctively behave according to the interests of the dominant group rather than according to their own interests. That is human nature. In some ways it is also a good thing because it allows members of oppressed groups to live their lives quite comfortably because they are not engaging in behavior or thinking in ways that would be threatening to the dominant groups. Unfortunately it also ensures that the black race continues to be in the pathetic position that it is in, where they are considered to be nothing but beasts of burden or parasites to be tolerated or, at best, pets to be kept around for entertainment and fed occasionally.


I am sorry I didn’t come across this thread a long time ago. I was going through it just now and I came across the above quote.

The part I bolded is probably the most hilariously hypocritical statement I have ever seen on the internet. This is someone who, a few posts earlier, was lavishing his white south african oppressors with praises of “think-work” and “inventiveness” that, according to his diseased mind, his own people would never have been capable of. This is someone who, a few posts earlier, exhibited one of the most jaw-dropping displays of inferiority complex and slave mentality I have ever seen. Yet here he is accusing an obviously intelligent, strong and highly conscious lady of inferiority complex and “slave mentality” without any sense of irony. And this same childishly dependent person also accused another poster (who is clearly several times smarter than he will ever be) of “juvenile thinking”. Incredible.

I would like to point at a few more hilarious posts from this guy:

Here it is obvious that he is anxious to impress other posters that he is an intelligent and educated person by lecturing, for absolutely no reason, about the meaning of gdp per capita, a basic economic concept that even elementary school children understand.

This post, especially the part I bolded, is a perfect example of the sort of incoherent and self-contradictory rambling that is typical of people who are self-conflicted and desperate to project their own insecurities onto others.

Sure. They live better lives than the black people of Botswana , Kenya, Namibia, Seychelles, Madagascar, northern Sudan, Ghana, etc…

This guy seems like a “balloon head” in two respects: empty headed (except for air) and suffering from delusions of grandeur.

He then went on to write:

If this is how the majority of black people think then there is no hope at all for the black race.

If you were not yet convinced that this man is seriously confused, this post is proof of it. Here he is essentially agreeing with the person he is responding to but doesn’t seem to realize it. Or he is simply stuck in the mode of throwing silly and hypocritical insults for nothing. All he is basically saying here is “yes I agree with you but I am happy that the whites stayed in my land.”

Notice the illogicality of the part of the post that I bolded. Also, notice how he simply ignores the suspicious coincidences that cap28 pointed out to him: the fact that it is precisely the region of Africa (southern Africa) that whites have settled in and contested for land against blacks that is the exact region that is primarily afflicted with AIDS. Another interesting coincidence I should add to that is that it is precisely the point in history in which biological science and technology had become considerably advanced and also the period in which settled whites were suppressing black nationalism in southern Africa that, lo and behold, the AIDS epidemic began to blossom. Why didn’t it happen 2000 years ago or 500 years ago, or 200 years in the future for that matter? Why at this specific point in history? By the way, I would invite anyone reading to go to the Wikipedia article on HIV and scroll down to the “Origins” section and look at the nonsensical, racist and hypocritical manner in which some whites have attempted to explain away this uncomfortable coincidence. Note that if those conjectures were true, then West Africa should be having by far the most terrible AIDS epidemic since, apart from the fact that the virus originated in west African primates, West African populations have always been far more urbanized and dense (even more in modern times) than those of southern Africa.

Also, I wonder how this guy knows the absolute numbers of people in Nigeria suffering from AIDS. Where did he get that nonsense from? Perhaps he formed the impression based on western media propaganda that tries to make it look as if AIDS is a continent-wide problem in Africa when, in reality, AIDS is no more a problem in west and north east Africa than it is in other parts of the world.

So what? What has that got to do with the issue? Does it change the fact that one group is still hell-bent on subjugating the other and perpetuating a horrible legacy dating back hundreds of years?

This is also an example of confusing apples with oranges. African Americans are in a fundamentally different situation from black south Africans. They are a small minority in a country that regards them essentially as outcasts. You guys are the majority in your country. They were forcibly dragged to a country that was not theirs. In your case, whites came to YOUR own land (whether you regard it as ‘yours’ or not is your own business) and enslaved you right there. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that their issues are the same or even similar to yours.


I think I need to provide context do defend my quotable quotes by Zol.

Cap was arguing that whites owe us blacks and that we should demand payback and my argument to counter that claim was along the lines that whites can't payback something they didn't take and then I went on to give many reasons some of which have become quotable quotes. Another of those reasons would be that since 1994 till about 2000 most of government revenue was generated by whites and almost all of the white mans tax contribution was used on black people even till today were whites contribute about 30% of government revenue all of it is spent on uplifting blacks. So that should be considered indirect payback






LOL. Quotable quotes.

I've been reading through all my past comments and I've realised that I have a subtle tendency of contradicting myself. Bad side effect of liberalism.






@Miss Orania,basicaly what you are saying is that Blacks achieved Zol? I told you that you're a white racist boere meisie.I can smell a racist miles away.


@Thiza, a lot of what you listed was not achieved by the current government, unfortunately. For example:

1. Singita is owned by a White man. It was established by the owner's grandfather in 1925

2. Durban being the largest port is not thanks to our government.

3. Chris Hani-Baragwanath hospital was built in 1941-by Smuts's government.

4. How many Black people own hotels or B&Bs to capitalise on the popularity in Hermanus?

5. Cape Argus Cycle Tour was started by Whites in 1978, long before black rule as with the Midmar Mile (1973). Blacks excel at running, and they win the marathons every year, but still the Comrades marathon was established by a White man-in 1921, 7 decades before black rule.

6. How many of those golfers you speak about are Blacks?

7. The SA Astronomical Obsevatory was established in 1972, long before Black rule.

8. Nuclear weapons were built under WHITE rule in the 70s, not Black rule. The reason they were dismantled was because the Apartheid government did not want the weapons to be in possession of Blacks.

9. SA Breweries is not under government control and it isn't even headed by a Black.

10. SAAF was not founded a this government, it was founded in 1920. Were Blacks even allowed to be part of an Air Force?

11. Are the greater proportion of people who are part of the processing of our minerals(engineers, scientists, researchers) Blacks?


Voetsek back to you too!


South Africa Yearbook 2010/2011



Alright, as Thiza has correctly put it in the first quarter of his comment - we acknowledge and accept all that is said about South Africa because most of it is the truth. But instead of sitting back and playing victim by grumbling about the injustices of the past and the unfairness of the current, we are more concerned with working hard now to create a better future which will hopefully be free of inequalities and general plight.

Because we KNOW all that is wrong about South Africa, we therefore have millions of South Africans who are working to correct all that we see to be wrong in our country. These millions of people can be found in government, private sector, rural communities and society in general. All are doing their own bit to solve the problems which people in this forum like talking about and other problems which they don't know about.

Even though most corrective work is done by private sector, NGO's, community forum etc. government is the only one that keeps a broad database of it's achievements and each year they publish what they call South Africa Yearbook. It is basically a compilation of government highlights of what they achieved in a that year as well as general information about SA and government policies. Below is the South Africa Yearbook 2010/2011(Mar 2010 - Feb 2011). Read through it, you will see that our government, even though it's also corrupt, is not sitting back and encouraging people to play victim but is rather focused on black progress and the same is happening in other initiatives outside government.

1: Land and its people

2: History

3: Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

4: Arts & Culture

5: Communications

6: Economy

7: Education

8: Energy

9: Environmental Affairs

10: Finance

11: Government System

12: Health

13: Human Settlements

14: International Relations and Cooperation

15: Justice and Correctional Services

16: Mineral Resources

17: Police, Defence and Intelligence

18: Rural Development and Land Reform

19: Science and Technology

20: Social Development

21: Sport and Recreation

22: Tourism

23: Transport

24: Water Affairs



Nigerians on this forum have all indicated the fact that for Africa to develop it needs a white man, better for Nigeria to be re colonised again. To Nigerians please name one African country that has progress like South Africa after achieving independence. Stats above highlight the progress made. @ Paniki do not bother my brother on an empty vessel for its always the one that make the lousest noise.

Yes South Africa has the largest number of people living with AIDS, only fools can highlight such a sad state as failure.

Yes South Africa has the highest crime rate.

Yes South Africa blacks are inferior and depends on white for a living.

Yes South Africa has slumps/ghettos and highest rate of poor people.

Yes South African educational standard is inferior in comparison to Nigeria.

If you agree to the above then compare with Nigeria,

Why Nigerians are all over the world, if not running away from poverty?

Why all influential Nigerians including politicians go abroad for medical treatment, Yaroduwa died in Saudi Arabia seeking treatment and OBASANJO's wife died in Spain.

How many Nigerians are studying in South Africa and compare that to South Africans in Nigeria.

How many Nigerians are lottering in South Africa in comparison with South Africans in Nigeria.

Nearly 300 South African companies are doing business in Nigeria and None Nigerian companies in South Afruca.

White South Africans and Zimbabweans are reebuilding agricultural sector in Nigeria.

There are no official statistics on the population of Nigeria, health and crime.

How many houses, jobs, empowerment has the Nigerian government provided for Nigerians, since all governments world over are voted for.

How many Nigerians have got access to electricity, houses, water and basic service.

Besides African games and junior world cup what else International occassion has Nigeria hosted.

Only Nigeria chiefs sold its sons and daughters into slavery.

Why Nigerian proffessionals are moving to South Africa. , if not a sign of a failed state.



South Africa is the world's biggest producer of platinum, and one of the leading producers of gold, diamonds, base metals and coal.

South Africa holds the world's largest natural reserves of gold, platinum-group metals, chrome ore and manganese ore, and the second-largest reserves of zirconium, vanadium and titanium.

At the same time, there is considerable potential for the discovery of other world-class deposits in areas yet to be exhaustively explored.

The sector spans the full spectrum of the five major mineral categories - namely precious metals and minerals, energy minerals, non-ferrous metals and minerals, ferrous minerals, and industrial minerals.

Apart from its prolific mineral reserves, South Africa's strengths include an extremely high level of technical and production expertise, and comprehensive research and development activities.

The country has world-scale primary processing facilities covering carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium, in addition to gold and platinum. It is also a world leader of new technologies, such as a ground-breaking process that converts low-grade superfine iron ore into high-quality iron units.

Read more: http://www.southafrica.info/business/economy/sectors/mining.htm#ixzz1i8IJQKmg


Housing Statistics as provided by a black government of South Africa

House completed since 1994: 1.1 million. These houses have secured tenure, running water, sanitation and electricity.

Number of homes still needed: 2 to 3 million

Number of people given shelter in the past 5 years: 5 million

Number of people still in need of adequate housing: 7.5 million people

Number of rented council units transferred to full ownership: 370,000

Number of rental council units still to be transferred to full private ownership: 350,000

This is what a government is elected for


50 facts about a remarkable nation which suffers from Inferiority complex and achieved under a black government in a period of 17 years


The rand was the best performing currency against the US Dollar between 2002 and 2005 (Bloomberg Currency Scoreboard)

South Africa has 55,000 high net-wealth individuals holding at least US$1million in financial assets (World Wealth Report 2008)

South Africa has the 27th biggest economy in the world, with a Gross Domestic Product of US$254 billion (World Bank)

South Africa accounts for almost 25% of the GDP of the entire African continent, with an economy more than twice the size of the second biggest Algeria. (World Bank)

Gauteng is South Africa's smallest province but produces 34% of South Africa's Gross Domestic Product (Stats SA)

The JSE Securities Exchange is the 14th largest equities exchange in the world, with a total market capitalisation of some R2.3 trillion (JSE)

More than 12,000 'Black Diamond' families (South Africa's new black middle class) - or 50,000 people - are moving from the townships into the suburbs of South Africa's metro areas every month (UCT Unilever Institute)

The black middle class grew by 30% in 2005, adding another 421,000 black adults to SA's middle-income layer and ramping up the black population's share of SA's total middle class to almost a third. Between 2001 and 2004, there were 300,000 new black entrants to the middle class (Financial Mail)


South Africa generates two-thirds of Africa's electricity (Eskom)

South African power supplier provides the fourth cheapest electricity in the world

Chris Hani-Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto is the biggest hospital in the world

Durban is the largest port in Africa and the ninth largest in the world.

There are 39 million cell phone users in South Africa (International Telecommunication Union)


The number of tourists visiting South Africa has grown by 200% since 1994, from 3 million to over 9 million in 2007 (Dept of Environment and Tourism)

The Singita game reserve was voted the best hotel in the world by the readers of a leading travel magazine (Conde Nast Traveller)

The world's best land-based whale-watching spot is located in Hermanus in the Western Cape.

In 2002, South Africa was the world's fastest growing tourist destination. In 2006, South Africa's tourism grew at three times the global average.


South Africa hosts the largest timed cycle race in the world (the Cape Argus Cycle Tour), the world's oldest and largest ultra-marathon (the Comrades Marathon) and the world's largest open water swimming event (the Midmar Mile).

South Africa will become the first African country to host the Soccer World Cup in 2010 and only the second country in the world to have hosted the Cricket, Rugby and Soccer World Cups.

Since the 1940s, South African golfers have won more golf majors than any other nation, apart from the United States.

In 1994, we won 11 medals in the Commonwealth Games. In 2002, we won 46.

South Africa teaching the world

South Africa houses one of the three largest telescopes in the world at Sutherland in the Karoo

South Africa is the first, and to date the only, country to build nuclear weapons and then voluntarily dismantle its entire nuclear weapons programme.

South Africa Constitution is widely regarded as being one of the most progressive in the world, drawing from the experiences of the worldÂ’'s most advanced democracies

The South African oil company Sasol has established the only commercially viable oil-from-coal operations in the world.

Two of the world's most profoundly compassionate philosophies originated in South Africa - Ubuntu (the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity) and Gandhi's notion of "passive resistance" (Satyagraha), which he developed while living in South Africa.


Almost a quarter of South Africa's non-interest budget is spent on education

The University of South Africa UNISA is a pioneer of tertiary distance education and is the largest correspondence university in the world with 250,000 students.

Our learner to teacher ratio has improved from 1:50 in 1994 to 1:34 in 2004

South AfricaÂ’'s matric pass rate has improved from 49% in 1994 to 70% in 2004, but student's receiving university exemptions has remained at 18%

The first MBA programme outside of the United States was started by the University of Pretoria in 1949.


Over thirteen million South Africans (a quarter of the population) have access to social grants (Department of Social Development)

Since 1994, 500 houses have been built each day for the poor and 1,000 houses per day have received electricity

Seventy percent of South Africa's population is urbanised


The Kruger National Park supports the greatest variety of wildlife species on the African continent

The Cango Caves near Oudsthoorn is the world's longest underground cave sequence

South Africa is the only country to house an entire floral kingdom (fynbos), one of only 6 on the planet

In 1991, South Africa became the first country in the world to protect the Great White shark.

South Africa has the oldest meteor scar in the world, at the Vredefort Dome near Parys. The scar is 2 billion years old.

South Africa has the 3rd highest level of biodiversity (SA Tourism)

The Cape Hyrax's(dassie) closest relative is the African elephant

South Africa has embraced the concept of trans-frontier"peace parks"Â’, linking ecological reserves across national borders


South Africa is the cradle of mankind

Afrikaans is the youngest official language in the world

The Western Deep Levels is the world's deepest mine at 3777 metres

South Africa has the world's largest deposits of gold, chromium, platinum and manganese

The only street in the world to house two Nobel Peace Prize winners is in Soweto. Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu both have houses in Vilakazi Street, Orlando West.

South Africa has the world's second oldest air force, established 1920.

South African Breweries (SABMiller) ranks as the second largest brewing company in the world. It supplies up to 50% of China's beer.

South Africa has the second oldest film industry in the world

In 2007 South African businessman Cyril Ramaphosa was included in the Time 100, an annual list, assembled by Time magazine, of the 100 most influential people in the world

Cape Town has the fifth-best blue sky in the world, according to the UK's National Physical Laboratory


How many times must I tell you that nobody owned land further than their eyesight in SA 350 years ago? Today with 50 million people most of South Africa's land continues to be empty state owned land, now just imagine 350 years ago with just a handful of humans how ownership would've been like. This argument that whites stole our land is complete rubbish, blacks are just using a western concept of formal ownership whereby you draw an imaginary line on a map and then claim that you own whatever is on your side of the imaginary line. Whites have colonised us so deeply that we are using their ambiguous concepts to accuse them of stealing something which didn't belong to us.

I don't know of any black South African who will be able to point out the land that was "stolen" all they can do is to refer to South Africa as a whole - a country that was demarcated by white mans imaginary lines. Batswana people occupy the land in Botswana and the North-West province of South Africa bordering Botswana. These are people who speak the same language and share the exact culture, I know that because I am a Motswana myself, but the problem is that white mans imaginary line divided these people into citizens of Botswana and citizens of South Africa. Isn't that a joke?

Yes lets blame whites for our lack of progress. White man spared Ethiopia and they let them be, look at Ethiopia now, who do you think they should blame? The Italians?

I would be appalled if whites prevented African Americans from building their own schools and universities to educate their own people. That didn't happen in SA, blacks had Fort Hare university which was more interested in producing historians and politicians and not interested in producing engineers and scientists. SA Indians had the university of Durban-Westville and they focused on producing scientists and engineers that's why today South Africans Indians are better off than blacks even though they also experienced Apartheid.

It hurts you that we are progressing while you remain stagnant unable to use your own black initiative, that's because your mind is still owned by whites

Whites set up the economy in your country so you shouldn't blame them if they seek to destroy what they built. It goes back to "ownership", you are using white mans concept to claim ownership of something that is not yours.

No I was too preoccupied with helping to develop my country. I don't care much what white people are doing, I'm more interested in focusing on what my people are doing to advance our country.

Shame, now whites are also in control of your emotions


"advice" the noun is spelt with a "c" not an "s".


cap28, london is nice yeh, i think you are the one whos brainwashed. all that stuff you saying where did you get it, owww british press. shut the hell up.



word of advise.

you are wasting your time with Cap28. He's never been outside of his400 square foot london apartment, yet he can pretty much sum up everything about your country based on his extensive reading ability, youtube videos and his propensity to retain large amounts of "historical' information.

If I were you, I'd sign off. The boy is highly irrational and will just pull you down in the mud with his thinking.


so because the white settlers in your country claim to have "discovered" something on another's man land (that was already there) that makes them the legitimate owners of the land?

if that is the case why didnt the people of Libya allow the americans to take over libya after a texan oil company "discovered" oil there in the 1950s?

why did Qadaffi close the american air force base in libya after he overthrew Libya's puppet king  in 1969?

why did mossadegh of iran nationalise the anglo persian oil company in 1954 and end britain's exploitation of his country's resources

why did the iranian people get rid of the shah of iran - an american puppet who was running the country on behalf of british and american oil companies?

You are extremely daft if you cant see that your country has been hijacked from you by european criminals, do  you seriously think they plan to share the wealth of south africa with blacks - you must be living on cloud cuckoo land if you beleive that. 

They have already bamboozled you into thinking that you have a stake in a country where over 80% of your own people live in destitution -  so carry on being a fool.

No Jews are classified as white everywhere in the world and therefore are the beneficiaries of white privilege - this means that they can go anywhere in the world and enjoy great privilege and access to employment and career opportunities that you and i can only dream about   - You need to research the history of african americans and find out how jim crow racist policies prevented them from access to education and decent employment - as a result white americans had a 400 year head start on them just the same way white south africans have a 300 year headstart on you as a result of apartheid.

it doesnt matter how intelligent you are - but if you have been denied the right to develop the necessary tools to make you self sufficient ie employment, education etc your intelligence means nothing.

No you are the dumb fool who knows nothing worthwile and what makes matters worse is that your  low self esteem and complete lack of dignity and self respect has blinded you into thinking that you are actually in an advantageous position.

You are content with the lowly position that has been assigned to you by the very people who brutalised your fore fathers.

All you have is a job working for whites, you are simply one paycheck away from the townships - you are not in control of  your own destiny because the people doing most of the hiring and firing are the same white oppressors - how does that put you at an advantage?

The education you have been brainwashed with teaches you to be grateful to the people who are responsible for enslaving your own parents and grandparents.  Why dont you have a read through that list i posted up there - it was written by honest black south africans not delusional liars like you.  You can see from the list that all of the garbage you have been vomitting on this forum is pure fantasy.

Still playing the part of the grateful slave? don't worry very soon you will get a rude awakening.

hahaha you make me laugh, is setting up an organisation known as BEE which hands out a few jobs to token blacks your own idea of progress?

No YOU ARE THE DELUSIONAL ONE MY FRIEND - I LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD where i see things for what they are.  You on the other hand prefer fantasy island.  Of course i caare about what white people have done because i am living with the after effects of their criminal acts namely institutionalised racism, destruction of the economy of my country by way of the IMF and world bank and the financing and supporting of a corrupt black elite who have destroyed my country. 

The worst part of it is that europe and america STILL continue to interfere in africa's internal issues  - they continue to fund, arm and prop up criminal african dictators like Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Museveni of uganda, Ouattara of Ivory Coast, Bongo of Gabon  they even armed and funded mass murderer Charles taylor formerly of Liberia. 

perhaps you were in a coma throughout NATO's destruction of Libya?

did you also miss the fact that your s.tupid president along with our own fool voted in support of the mass bombing of a sovereign country for no other reason than greed and wickedness.

did  you also miss the fact that NATO also armed and funded a group of racist arabs who massacred thousands of  black africans?

These same criminals are currently aiding and abetting our current puppet president Goodluck Jonathan who is implementing structural adjustment policies on behalf of criminal organisations like the IMF and the world bank which have led to mass unemployment and mass poverty in my country, so i think i have a right to be angry.


@cap28 reading blogs by the white chicken run will not help coz those fools perpetually wish for the collapse of South Africa so their views will forever be biased. The problem with you is that you want black South Africans to hate whites like you do because they still exert great influence in our country. The truth will remain that whites made South Africa a successful country using their knowledge and skills to manipulate land and resources for wealth creation, most of that wealth has and still belongs to them but there have been trickle down wealth benefits for blacks. Blacks got this country running at full speed on the tracks, we took over the country and whites remained behind to insure that the country doesn't go off tracks. No matter who owns what, where and how wont change the fact that white mans development of South Africa now allows black South Africans to live better lives and have better opportunities than most Africans that's why I don't think whites owe us anything


who owned the land prior to the arrival of the europeans? No one

Why did the europeans engage in numerous wars with your people over land? To steal some land which has now been given back.

why were your people herded onto reservations? It's actually the Boers who were put in concentration camps by the British

You say that today the govt and municipalities own this vacant land - who preceded this current govt that you have ? wasnt it your former apartheid govt? how did they gain ownership of this land? Yes the white government owned and controlled that land but now that it's in black hands we shouldn't be complaining

"Eighty three million hectares of land in South Africa is privately-owned and the State owns the remainder of the roughly 123 million hectares of land, said the Director General of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, Mr Shabane." http://www.parliament.gov.za/live/content.php?Item_ID=1692

right, but in order to create wealth you have to have access to the means to create it don't you? Yes but those means are intangible means such as knowledge and skills. Black South Africans just like other Africans have lived on top of valuable natural resources for centuries and even millenia but even till today they don't know how to extract that resources. It took white mans knowledge to discover gold and platinum in SA just like it took white mans knowledge to discover oil in Nigeria

or do you create wealth out of thin air? If you have knowledge and skills you can go anywhere in the world and succeed, that's what Jews(25% Nobel laureates) do.They are clever people who push boundaries of academia.

can you create wealth if you do not own any land, technology or natural resources? You can have plenty of land and resources but if you don't have knowledge of how to use that land and resources then it's pointless. Blacks have always had land and resources but they have failed to create wealth. It's not white mans fault that he has knowledge and skills while you don't.

lets use your country as an example - who owns the majority of the land in your country? The government of South Africa owns the majority of the surface land of SA.

who owns the mining corporations? Whites own the mines

who owns the technology which has enabled the creation of the goods and services? Whites own those technologies and since those technologies make life easier for black South Africans compared to other Africans they therefore should not be complaining and wanting payback but rather focus on developing they own technologies while enjoying the benefits of existing technology

It is those white institutions that are enabling black South Africans to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to create success for themselves, that's why I don't like ungrateful South Africans who complain and want pay back while they use whites mans institutions to upgrade themselves - a benefit which was not afforded to other who were colonized. BTW, blacks who graduate from these white institutions end up with enough skills to be the boss of many whites.

Me and most other black South Africans will continue to progress while you remain a bitter person who is only interested in pointing out past injustices and demands payback because he is clueless about how to create his own success. It's not white mans fault that blacks who are alive today are generally dumb and know nothing worthwhile, the good thing is that South Africa has long identified education as the main instrument to correct past and current imbalances.

You need to come live in South Africa, your misconceptions will evaporate quickly. If I were to list all that government has done and is doing for black South Africans you would be shocked and you would also wonder why ungrateful brats want more. Which country in this world can boast of having so far built over 3 million house for its poor citizens?

"the white south africans STILL CONTROL YOUR ECONOMY - YOUR BLACK ELITE TAKE ORDERS FROM THE WHITES - NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND" please start telling me something I don't know

At least blacks are using their own initiative to create progress for themselves while you sit back and state that white man is still dominating which is true but the emphasis is on sit back

You are a delusional black person who mind is held indirectly hostage by whites. You care too much about what white people have done, are doing and will do but you have no interest in your own development . You will remain stagnant while white man continues to achieve. I feel sorry for you because a particular race has shifted your focus so that you become obsessed with them which limits you in all other fronts.





Fine, but you still haven't answered my question - who owned the land prior to the arrival of the europeans?

Why did the europeans engage in numerous wars with your people over land?

why were your people herded onto reservations?

You say that today the govt and municipalities own this vacant land - who preceded this current govt that you have ? wasnt it  your former apartheid govt? how did they gain ownership of this land?

Whether there were 3 million or 300 million blacks in your country when whites arrived is irrelevant - the point is that there were indigenous people on this land before them AND SOMEONE FROM THIS GROUP MUST HAVE LAID CLAIM TO THIS LAND - AGAIN I ASK WHY WERE THE EUROPEANS ENGAGED IN WARS WITH YOUR PEOPLE OVER LAND?

right, but in order to create wealth you have to have access to the means to create it don't you?

or do you create wealth out of thin air?

can you create wealth if you do not own any land, technology or natural resources?

lets use your country as an example - who owns the majority of the land in your country?

who owns the mining corporations?

who owns the technology which has enabled the creation of the goods and services?

now if you have come to the same conclusion that i have ie that it is the whites and not the black south africans that means that the wealth or power (because once you have wealth you invariably acquire power) IS CONCENTRATED IN THE HANDS OF ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE WHILE THE OTHER GROUP REMAINS POOR AND POWERLESS.

when one group has more power and wealth than another group - it can use that wealth and power to ABUSE and EXPLOIT THE poor and powerless group - you claim to be educated and yet you sound so ignorant.  Power and wealth concentraated in the hands of a few is the reason why your parents and grandparents ended up being slaves in their own land.

GDP per capita is  what each individual produces in a country over a given period of time  but it doesnt tell me anything about the standard of living in that country, it doesnt tell me anything about the literacy levels of a country, the infant mortality rates or the standard of health care therefore i fail to understand why you are focusing on it. your main focus should be on the level of development of blacks in your country in comparison to whites.

First of all education or knowledge  is not about following and copying everythign the white man rams down your throat - education is about acquiring knowledge which will enable you as a race of people to provide for yourself and your people and survive in a cut throat competitive world.  This very important fact has never occurred to you because the whole of your life you have been brought up as a slave in your own country.  The white man taught you to look up to him as a God this is why he can do no wrong in your eyes. 

It obviously hasnt occurred to your  inferior mind that these white owned  educational institutions that you glorify and worship were not designed for people like you - they were designed to mould, shape and prepare whites to rule over you - your presence in those places is a complete and utter waste of time because the knowledge you acquire there will not equip you for the life that awaits you on the outside.  As a black man in a country owned and controlled by white supremacists you will not have access to the jobs or career opportunities that your white counterparts will have becase the system itself did not have you in mind when it was being created, as a result your so called knowledge and skills will become obsolete and you will end up frustrated and filled with rage because you will find that there is no place for a black man with a white western orientated education in a society run and controlled by white racists.

by the way indians and chinese are not more scientifically gifted than africans - you might want to try reading about ancient african civilisations and the great strides that africans made in areas such as astronomy, medicine, agriculture, mining, metallurgy, architecture  etc -

the reason that whites control the world's resources to date is not down to innovation or ingenuity but brute force and theft.  Everything they have today they acquired through the barrell of a gun.  Genocide of indigenous people also played major roles in elevating them to the position that they are now in today- this was how they stole your own country from under the feet of your ancestors but you are too brainwashed, dim and ignorant to even recognise this basic fact.

hahahaha look who is talking about going to school - you need to read a book called the miseducation of the negro by carter woodson - you are a replica of the type of miseducated negro who acquires a eurocentric education which prepares him for a life of vast ignorance, subservience and uselessness.  you claim to be educated but you are worse than a stark illiterate - what are you educated to do? i will tell you - you are educated to walk two steps behind baas and bow and genuflect at his feet, do you think he respects you? he just laughs at your pathetic attempt to mimic him, you are nothing more than a well trained pet dog - when baas says jump,  you cry - "how high baas" - without baas you are dead.  everything you think you have was given to you by baas, you have no independent ideas, no creativity, no self respect - baas manipulates and controls you like a puppet on a string and when he's done with you he will do away with you - why do you think he created the biological weapon HIV aids?

You poor thing, baas throws you a few scraps and like the slave that you are you scrabble around on the ground fighting for them and then you have the nerve to think you are better than other africans because you are eating baas's leftover food.  But to be honest with you your above statement is actually a lie - most africans do not live in segregated townships like black south africans - we dont have townships in nigeria and i know that in places like Botswana blacks enjoy a very high standard of living which is far better than what you claim you are enjoying in south africa.  Besides your story about not having power cuts , bad sanitation is another blatant lie - there have been ongoing riots and demonstrations in almost all of  your major townships over poor housing conditions, non existent electricity and water supply, high unemployment, poor job prospects - the list goes on so i think you are just trying to console yourself that you guys are better off when the reality is that you are actually worse off than most africans.

Your ignorance and limited world view is a dead give away with the above statement - do you seriously think that the black south africans are in a position to hold the whites in  your country to account? Hahahahaha - you really are dumb - listen you clown - the white south africans STILL CONTROL YOUR ECONOMY - YOUR BLACK ELITE TAKE ORDERS FROM THE WHITES - NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

Oh and let me educate you about your so called freedom that you think  you gained after Mandela was released - Mandela sold you guys out - he did a deal with the white capitalists who own your economy - the deal was that Mandela would tell his fellow ANC peers to end armed struggle against aparthied and in exchange he along with other top ANC officials would be allowed to get a slice of the pie while everyone else would be told to go to hell.

What did your truth and reconciliation commission achieve? didnt it exonerate all the whites who perpetrated atrocities against your people and didnt it allow the whites to hold on to their ill gotten wealth?

All you guys have now are a bunch of black elitists who now work on behalf of their former slave masters - its called neo colonialism baby - we have it in nigeria too!!

hahahaha - what a clown - you really crack me up!!! what are your people enjoying? crumbs? is that your idea of enjoyment- you guy's situation is like the case of a man whose property has been stolen by armed robbers and as the robbers drive past him in his own car with all of his property, they throw him  one of his old shirts and he starts jumping up and down and crying with joy that at least he's been allowed to keep one shirt out of all the other more valuable stuff that the robbers were able to make away with!!! you guys are one huge joke!!

did you pull this information out of your a.rse cos it sounds like you just made it up? any stats to back that up?

when i talk about the HIV aids epidemic in southern africa i dont mean just south africa - i mean botswana, zimbabwe, lesotho, namibia - everywhere that you have large white settlements - no one is denying that hiv aids is present in other parts of africa but there is a reason for such a high concentration of HIV aids in the southern african countries.

And yes, the whites are intent in exterminating africans all over africa including nigeria - ever heard of AFRICOM? this is the beginning of europe and america's plan to plunger the entire continent into chaos.

Again you show your glaring ignorance - america was built on african slave labour so i dont know what you mean when you say african americans brag about past successes that they had nothing to do with - who the hell do you think picked the cotton, harvested the sugar, cleared ditches, mined the gold - the US white house was built by african slaves just in case you didnt know - jeez - you talk about me needing an education - do you know how ignorant you sound?

who dug out all your gold and diamonds? - cos last time i checked it wasnt your afrikaaners or british settlers.

The so called success that you claim you are acheiving is enjoyed by a tiny minority, why dont you go to the townships and talk about this success and see what they will do to you.

people in those townships are crying out for help from your govt but because your govt is serving the interests of their white handlers ie the multinational corporations, the mining interests, the banking oligarchs and the imperialist govts of america and europe they refuse to help their own people.  This is how it is going to remain because your ANC leadership sold out and they are now owned lock stock and barrell by the europeans and the americans.  I know what i am talking about because our own leadership in nigeria did the exact same thing.


Even today with a population of 50 million(40 million blacks) most of South Africa's land lays unoccupied and the majority of that vacant land is owned by the government and municipalities. South Africans are mostly centred in Cape Town, Gauteng and KZN places which were developed by whites. I doubt that there were even 3 million blacks in this country when whites arrived 300 years ago and supposedly stole the land.

Wealth is created when a person does something which another person is willing to buy. The other person can only buy if he himself has made something which another person is willing to buy. That's the barter system which was long formalised by whites into money, finances and economy. A per capita GDP of $1 000 means that the average single person in a particular country is able to work or produce things by himself which are universally considered to be valued at $1 000.  A per capita GDP of $55 000 means that the average single person in a particular country is able to work or produce things by himself which are universally considered to be valued at $55 000. That's why GDP per capita is a important statistic because it shows how productive the average single person in that country is. It's not about who owns or controls what, it's about what an individual can do which creates value

Those who have scientific knowledge will always be superior. Indians and Chinese are now becoming very scientific and their expanding presence in Africa is beginning to create the same racial tension as it has always been with whites. It's not about whites but more about who "knows". If you went to school and got taught what white people know so that you become scientifically on par with them then you wouldn't be so against them. You just pushing an inferiority complex where you unknowingly realise that white people "know" how to dominate while you remain clueless. So you blame them for being better than you and you accuse them of upgrading themselves using you and your people and at your expense and stealing your old technologies which you yourself don't know how to replicate in modern times.

This type of moaning is also done by a few uneducated black South Africans who have a warped sense of entitlement. You need to go to school and get proper knowledge so that latter on in your work life you can receive regular calls and emails from white people who ask you how something is done or what procedures to follow, that's when you will stop hating them.

Black South Africans live better lives compared to other Africans even though they are equally as poor. The development done by whites, even though it is mostly enjoyed by them, has allowed most blacks to not worry about lights going off, water quality and sanitation issues, mobility on roads rails or air, quality education and all other trickle down benefits which they don't deserve but we claim entitlement since this development is done on "our" land

Another comment that lacks thought. Since whites "ra.pe, pillage and plunder" not only South Africa but the entire continent including Nigeria it's good that our Afrikaans whites stayed behind to be accountable to those blacks who still have chips on their shoulders like JuJu unlike other whites who "ra.pe, pillage and plunder" your countries and then took a hike after being satisfied

You are showing your madness again. Your fist point is true though, South Africa was developed for the settlement of whites not blacks but now that blacks are enjoying this development they shouldn't be complaining but rather work towards extending the development. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE DOING. We don't want whites to give us what they have, we want to build our own. In the past blacks were forced to go shop at white malls in the white suburbs but today blacks have EXPANDED the development by sticking up lots of malls in just one township called Soweto

Your HIV/Aids argument is just plain ridiculous. There are more people living with HIV/Aids in Nigeria than SA in real numbers, yes the Nigerian percentage is small because of the big population but the real number is higher than SA so does that mean whites also want to exterminate Nigerians?

You must just accept that people always want to associate themselves with success. As much as America is divided, all of them including African Americans are proud to hold a US passport even Nigerians who land US passport have a tendency of feeling special and bragging about it because they are citizens of a successful nation. If South Africa was not achieving globally recognized success(which is intangible success) then we would be a hopelessly divided nation as I have said. And black South Africans are just like African Americans where we brag about past successes that we had nothing to do with and provided little or no contribution but it is these past successes that are making it easier for us to create successes in the present time. The majority of African Americans have a cordial working relationship with whites and that's how it is in SA. We are not best friends but we've learned to get along when working towards set goals


So are you saying that the land was handed over voluntarily to the white man? or was it just lying vacant with no one laying claim to it ?

why were your people herded onto reservations and used by whites as cheap labour in the mines?

i suppose you're going to tell me that black south africans chose to be used and exploited by whites rather than be in control of their own affairs?

well, you will soon find out that every thing in life is a competition - especially where resources are limited.

blacks can't create their own success when they don't have any control over the means of making money - everythign in your country which generates wealth remains in the hands of the whites.

Im glad you said "probably" because wherever the white man goes it is ALWAYS about racial competition - do you know of any nation on this earth where whites live where race is not important? Even in your country where they are the minority they have turned your country upside down by making race the determinant of success, they even went as far as legalising racial discrimination - everywhere they go on this earth they implement this same formula of racial hierarchy where they place themselves at the top and blacks at the bottom of the socio economic ladder.

hahaha you are completely brainwashed and delusional - the biggest trick the white man ever played on the black man was to convince him to accept his lowly position in the world, i dont know how you can say what you said above with a straight face - "they owe you nothing"  - you are a joker! look at what they did to your ancestors and you say they owe you nothing, they took your own land away from you and you say they owe you nothing- they passed laws preventing your from going beyond a primary school education, they passed laws preventing you from owning land or property and being able to be self sufficient and you say they owe  you nothing - you are a joker!

they've even convinced you that you are not intellectually up to scratch and without any trace of embarrassment you actually talk about them doing all the "think work" arent you embarrassed to make such a statement?

You say they've put south africa at a higher level compared to other african countries - but at whose expense? who is enjoying the fruits of your labour (because it was your labour that built south africa not theirs)  you or them? can't you see that you have been abused and cheated? yes, they developed the country - but only for themselves - they used your labour to develop the country which has enabled them to live like kings  while the majority black population live in townships wallowing away in poverty.

you are mistaking the few crumbs that they have allowed you to enjoy as wealth - you still depend on them for employment which means you are vulnerable to any changes that they may decide to implement.

the reason south africa is more developed than other african countries is becasue the white settlers came there with the aim of remaining permanently unlike the other african countries where they came for one purpose alone - to ra.pe, pillage and plunder, they were not interested in settling in any west african country becasue of the hot climate  hence their decision to limit the level of development in those countries.  

Take congo for instance which has trillions of dollars worth of minerals in its soil - the whites did not settle there because of the stiflingly hot climate, instead King Leopold of Belgium chose to STEAL the entire country and then when the great patrice lumumba fought for independence the belgians along with the americans decided to have him murdered so that they could carry on milking the resources of congo for next to nothing.  

You better wake up and smell the coffee and realise that south africa was developed for the settlement of whites not blacks.  You need to ask yourself why HIV aids is almost running at epidemic levels in all of the southern african countries that have large settlements of whites - ITS BECAUSE THEY WANT ALL OF YOU DEAD so that you will no longer be in the way of their plans.

HIV aids is a biological weapon which was created by US military intelligence in a laboratory in 1969 and it was initially used by your former apartheid govt to decimate the black population of mainly southern african countries.  Havent you noticed how HIV aids is prevalent in areas of africa with climates which are conducive to europeans?  In addition these areas are also rich in natural resources.

yeah they built those townships because they needed to have a steady supply of cheap black labour close by to work in the mines - it was done for THEIR convenience not to help you in any way.  Those so called world class universites that you are boasting about teach you to feel ashamed of your blackness and look up to the whites and going by all of the stuff you posted on here it looks like its working.  You are being brainwashed and made to feel grateful towards people who brutalised and abused your parents and grand parents generations.  

You obviously know nothing about america - america is a segregated country with blacks living a separate and unequal existence from their white counterparts - dont forget blacks in america were only allowed the right to vote in 1968, black people in america live in separate neighbourhoods, attend separate schools and socialise away from white americans.  The system there (just like in  your country) was set up deliberately by the white power structure in order to keep blacks permanently in a position of subservience and that is exactly what your white minority rulers have done to you.

The so called success you brag about is not enjoyed by the majority of blacks in south africa only a few black elites enjoy this so called success.  The system was designed by and for the white racists who still control your economy and they are the ones enjoying the success not the blacks.


It's oppressed people like you who want to be listen to by whites and when that doesn't happen you then throw tantrums on forums without fighting issues the way real South Africans do it: face-to-face. Anyway, why do you want white people to listen to you? Do you value them that much? You need to grow up and replace your slave mentality with something more of a progressive consciousness. Or move to Joburg where people are more liberated and actually get along. You should never use Cape Town as a barometer for SA, that city is beautiful but cliquey and mega racist(although concealed) arguably the most divided place in South Africa. I spent 2 years at UCT so I know how Cape Town is like, terrible place for a black person even whites who move there find it difficult to deal with the snobs

Also, I don't have to discuss race relations with South African whites because I have no issues with them, they are just people like me and you and I realised that a long time ago.


I guess I'll do more research and read 'Native Life' then.


I guess I'll do more research and read 'Native Life' then.


Haha, you just lost credibility. You allow yourself to be censored in a free country. I would have more respect for you if you openly told white people what you think of them like members of the ANCYL now you blame white people for not allowing you to say what you think. Ag shame, you still oppressed

I don't want to give you a history lesson because it will mainly be snippets that will led you to draw incorrect conclusions. What you must research for yourselves is how black chiefs bartered away land the same way they agreed to the bantustans you must also research how most of what is now South African land was uninhabited so it's foolish for blacks to claim that land in many parts of South Africa belongs to them when no black man, except a few Khoisan, has ever set foot(even till today). The Native Land Act didn't take away land it just formalised segregation and it paved the way for the establishment of what later became bantustans demarcated according to where the majority of black people lived. From that Transkei, Bophuthatswana, Venda, Ciskei became independent black states. The Apartheid government gave away huge chunks of South Africa under it's policy of separate development. I can go on but I don't want to confuse you. The problem with many people is that they don't know the full history of South Africa which leads them to draw laughable conclusions


OK, of all the white people that you know do you tell them about all that you've been ranting about or are those views that you only reserve to be expressed anonymously on internet forums? Or are you buddy buddy with them in real life and only the radical zolzlolz is unleashed in cyber life?


what I'm talking about damnit!


@zolzlolz how many white people do you know?


You don't know enough about South Africa's history if you think that land and labour were stolen or maybe I should say you know half the history and you are using that half knowledge to formulate a full opinion.

The good thing is that black people are not interested in competing with white people but are more focused in creating their own success through whatever legal means they choose.

It has not, is not and probably will not be about racial competition since those major corporations already have significant black shareholdership thanks to BEE

This is juvenile thinking. Whites owe us nothing, South Africa is better off because of think-work done by white people, it is their inventiveness that has put South Africa at a higher level compared to other African countries. Black South Africans like me are lucky because the end of Apartheid allowed us to move into and then expand the formal systems that were long established by the whites. We are not like other African countries that had to start-up agencies from scratch, we probably would have failed. We just got the engine in top shape and running, black man just took the drivers seat and white man sat in the passenger seat and taught black man how to run a government and all other institutions. It has not been perfect but we are managing.

I'm one of many black South Africans who don't give a damn what white South Africans do or did or all that jazz, I'm more interested in creating my own success. The thing that I also do, which some don't like, is to acknowledge white mans contribution to South Africa. I grew up in Tembisa township in a matchbox house built by the white government, all of old Soweto, Alex, Katlehong, Vosloorus and others were built by the white government. Yes, blacks like to own these townships and refer fondly to them as if they built them but it's the whites who built most townships in Jozi. Black parents don't have to send their kids abroad because whites built world-class universities in our backyard. Basically if whites owe us anything then they have repaid us by grudgingly allowing us to use first-rate facilities which are now making it easier for us to make something of ourselves

This again shows your simpleton thinking. People want to associate themselves with success, America is seen to be a very successful country that's why so many Americans are proud to be American it has nothing to do with language or culture or any other nonsensical point. South Africans are proud to be South African because this country has achieved many successes recognized to most people around the world including yourselves even though you might not admit. A week or two ago UN delegates were showering SA with praise for successfully hosting the UN climate change talks COP 17 in Durban. It is this sort of feedback that creates a warm fuzzy feeling among South Africans and ultimately a sense of oneness that we are a nation of doers and achievers and not a nation of just black, white, coloured and indian. Race and racial tension exists but it doesn't define us.


This response is going to be a little bit incoherent, because I am so fvcking angry and upset at the lies that imposter SA LASSIE is telling.

The truth about South Africa sa lassie doesn't want you to know about(IMPOSTER)

1) South Africans HATE each other. The opinions expressed on South African newsites are absolutely revolting. These are NEWSITES, not racist forums, and yet the messages that White South Africans leave on these newsites are 10 TIMES WORSE[/b]than a White Supremacist site called Stormfront. I've been on stormfront out of curiosity, and the comments on the American chapter of Stormfront do not even compare, to the comments made by White South Africans, on a news site. Even in a topic regarding things besides race, the comments always turn into racist vitrol.

2) Sa lassie lied(of course, she's an imposter) about South Africans being open about race in South Africa. That's fvucking bullsh1t, and it's insulting to me and all other blacks who have interacted with White South Africans. White South Africans(the ones in the real world) are notoriously defensive when it comes to race. For black people to get along well with Whites, they have to self censor themselves, or else you get the following qoutes from the "Words of White Wisdom":

-[b]"Stop playing the race card"

-"Not everything is about race. Get over it"

-"Why do you speak so much about race. A person who is obsessed with race is also racist" (BULL)

-"You have a massive chip on your shoulder" (I think sa lassie used this one a while back. Ooooooh)

-"I don't want to talk about race. It's too depressing." (I was a victim of this one)

White South Africans do not like to talk about race in South Africa (unless they are the victims or are making themselves the victims, oh my goodness then they always talk about it) not because it's a depressing topic(I myself don't like speaking about race sometimes, because it's too emotionally draining), IT IS BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT TO FACE THE TRUTH. They are in denial about the history of this country. They say that they had nothing to do with it (translate: I DID NOTHING). They don't want to admit that they are the architects of institutional racism in this country. They don't want to talk about the effects of their racism, because once people talk about a problem, the problem has to be fixed. They don't wan to fix the problem because that means they will lose their economically dominant position in South Africa. Sa lassie may go and feed the poor little black children in the townships to feel better about herself and to have something to brag about at her dinner parties (and on Nairaland, and I see she already has), but does she support stolen land being given back to Black South Africans? Does she support Affirmative Action? Does she understand the objective Affirmative Action, without playing victim as all other White South Africans( the ones in the REAL WORLD. The ones that I have encountered) do? Does she really want to see initiatives that would bring economic equality among races in South Africa. Would she really be comfortable if the White monopoly economy is toppled in South Africa?

Sa lassie is the WORST kind of White a Black person can encounter. Apart from her blatant patronising attitude towards blacks(I'm so proud of my little South African blacks, they don't confront me about my racism, we just talk about boerewors, braai, die bokke and the spirit of oh-bow-ntoo, I feel like buying a South African flag ah hahaha) she refuses to face the truth about race in South Africa. She sees this pretentious get together braais, between black and whites, and her hanging out at the townships with blacks as racial progress. Yet I doubt she sees how the institutional racism that still exists in this country, continues to negatively affect black South Africans and in fact hinder racial progress. My racial progress translates to the economic progress of blacks since democracy, not some cheap get together braai sa lassie is imagining about between blacks an whites. smh


BULLSH1T! Source: First hand experience.

Zolzlolz needs to go and puke.


If you create wealth using stolen land and stolen labour - surely that wealth you have created is stolen as well?

Its like saying an armed robber goes into a bank steals over £1m and then reinvests the money on the stock market and makes an additional profit of £2m and then turns around to crow about their business ingenuity and wealth creation skills - the point is they stole their initial investment to get what they have today and not only did they steal they excluded and marginalised blacks who are the rightful owners of the raw materials and land and are still doing that till today.

the idea that black south africans can now somehow be able to compete with white south africans after 300 years of systematic exploitation indicates just how brainwashed , naive or both you are.

Its like pitting a cripple and an olympic champion sprinter together in one race.

how do black south africans compete with whites who own the major corporations, the banks, the insurance companies, the schools etc - what do you think will be the outcome of such competition?

white south africans owe black south africans because they have an unfair advantage over them, this unfair advantage was not brought about by their hard work and ingenuity but by their theft of resources that belonged to the blacks as well as the subsequent brutalisation and exploitation of these same people. the white south africans are supposed to pay the blacks reparation for all the misery, poverty and endless suffering that they subjected them to.

and by the way nationhood is not created as a result of different groups engaging in sports together - nationhood is created when a group of people who share a similar culture or language come together to promote a shared interest - black south africans and white south africans do not share similar languages or culture, one group was victimised and abused by the other and the other imposed their language and culture on the other forcing the weaker group to go along with it. This is why so many blacks in south africa are still filled with anger - their needs have not been met and they are still being short changed by a system which was designed to keep them poor and exploited.


Firstly, it doesn't matter how you rationalize it to yourself, the truth will remain the truth.

Secondly, white South Africans didn't steal wealth as you claim, they created it themselves. It is only fair if they are allowed to keep the wealth which they created and leave black South Africans to create their own wealth alongside them. That's what BEE is all about, white businesses are not forced to comply with that policy. It's only if they want to do business with the now black led government that they must comply.

Lastly, nationhood in South Africa exists mainly thanks to international events that we have successfully hosted since 1994. These events bring people together to work towards a single goal and when that goal is achieved it creates comradeship, pride and a sense of oneness within many. Had South Africa not hosted any international event since 1994 I'm sure we would be a hopelessly divided nation filled with people who would only identify success within ethnic and geographical boundaries because of the lack of national success.


Soon you will calm down and accept that not everyone loves South Africa. Initially I used to get very irritated by the usually incorrect as well as disparaging comments against South Africa but now I just laugh. I read all the comments in this thread and all I did was laugh, I suggest you learn to do the same


Bleep it naijas, most educated in africa,gaint of africa and proud africans, true africans, my Bottom. your 1 mill universities are wack,gaint of africa by population, your country is a match box way too populated and dependent on oil alone. who gives a damn about being african, if your country is all mighty and all that why are you bothering people in their countries, and ohhhhwww about aids its ours,we live with it, we love pple who have it. stop mentioning it in every topic, or you want us to be ashamed NO THAT poo WILL NEVER HAPPEN, and yeh we also kill people so what, molest. do you have a problem with that. and again about white pple, they love this country, if south africa is so rich and prosperous because of them SO WHAT, u have 60 years or whatever donkeys years of independence and your country is still bleeped up, ALL THE ILLS AND THE BAD THINGS YOU KNOW MY BELOVED COUNTRY OF: THATS WHAT MAKES US SOUTH AFRICANS, AND MORPHEUOS OR WHATEVER AND YOUR CREW Bleep U AND Bleep U. YOU CAN SAY WHATEVER BOUT ME AND MY COUNTRY I DONT GIVE A DAMN. BUT FACT IS YOUR COUNTRY IS WORSE, WORSE AND WORSE. AND BEFORE YOU TELL ME HOW ILLITERATE I AM: I WORK AS MANAGEMENT ANALYST, AT A REPUTABLE ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANY: Bleep YOU VERY MUCH,


the only reason white south africans "get along" with blacks in south africa is because the whites are still in control of your economy, their wealth is intact and their status and position in your country is not threatened - the day any black south african comes to power to redress this imbalance is the day that you will have a repeat of what happened in zimbabwe, the whites will get the hell out of the country and europe and america will gang up to destroy south africa. What you have in south africa between whites and blacks is just a case of whites bamboozling some dim blacks into beleiving that you are all one big happy family, why dont you suggest that all of that wealth that those whites stole from you be redistributed in order to compensate blacks for 300 years of exploitation and abuse under apartheid - lets see just how long this your rainbow coalition thingy will last after that.

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