Waste collection in Nigeria: is it a lucrative small business idea?

Can one really make a living on waste collection? Find out now and learn how to start a small business with little money.

Looking to make money and support yourself and your family in Nigeria and in Lagos in particular? How about making a living on waste collection? Yes, that does not sound very appealing, but it can help you earn your living and even start a small and lucrative business.

Waste collection in Nigeria

How to make money on waste collection

There are two ways you can handle the thing: you can either become self-employed or look for waste collector jobs. Let us consider the first opportunity and see how you can get started. Mind that even though this business does not sound very appealing, it is good and even noble, as you help people to solve their problems, you reduce the amount of trash around the town, improve health situation and earn money.

How to start waste collection services business

Waste collection small business idea #1:

waste collection business idea

Aside from waste management jobs this area offers many great opportunities, as Lagos welters in trash. Here is what you need to get started:

  • A legal permit
  • A used car or a van
  • A driver (or you can do it yourself)
  • A laborer
  • Trash bags

You might already have an old car and you can get a trailer to put behind it to carry waste. That would reduce the amount of the investment you need. Your next move is to find a neighborhood and offer them the services of your waste collection business. Assign a pick up date (once a week or once a fortnight). Collect the fees from people and go to work. Pick up the trash and deliver it to the Lagos dump site.

small business idea

  Sounds pretty easy, but you can turn this thing into a lucrative business, if you find a decent neighborhood with 500+ clients in it. And you can boost your profit margins if you hire someone to sort the trash. Part of it can be recycled. For instance, fruit waste can be turned into gas and electricity. You can sell scrap metal or plastic bottles for recycling and make extra money.

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Waste collection small business idea #2:

make a living on waste collection

Now, if you do not have any money to invest into your small business or you do not own a car, you can still start small. Here is the second option. Look what you need for it:

  • A cart
  • A pair of gloves
  • You

Here is what you do. You just go around the streets with your cart and pick up all sorts of things: scrap metal, glass bottles, jars, plastic waste. Then you go to the Lagos dump site, sort the things you’ve got and sell them there. You sell all the metal you find and other things as well and you can make your living on it.

Yes, it is not a very prestige job and it is a hard one, but you can still make a decent living on it and be independent. You become self-employed and get the chance to grow this business up. Overtime you can save enough money for an old car and take it from there.

It is a pretty humble start, but becoming a waste collector offers you the chance to be independent, to provide for your family and make money. 

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