What are simple rules we want our boss to obey?

Have you ever had an unpleasant conversation with your boss? Would you like him or her to treat you better? Or you are a boss, who is willing to become perfect? Check up these simple rules the boss to obey and your office life will change!

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What makes a boss perfect? Some specialist of office management did not want to theorize and to rely on intuition, so they conducted extensive research within their own companies. It turned out that the main thing for the manager is to be attentive to his employees, take care of their career and be consistent.

In the resulting list, only 10 simple rules that are not completely original, however, as the experience of implementation has shown, work very well.

Google approach to management styles

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Work on the project with a code-name Oxygen was launched in 2009. The goal was to find out what makes a manager good. The specialist of management told that the aim of this work was not to create an algorithm of successful management, but the results must show managers what works and - no less important - what does not work.

‘We found that high levels of management, as a rule, mean the best performance of groups of workers: in these teams people work better, they are happier and easier to hold - they do their best – says the Google vice president of Human Resources, Laszlo Bock. - So the main controllable factor that we found was the quality of the leaders and the ways in which they have achieved such results. We thought, what if every manager will be as good as this one? And we wanted to understand what made them so good and how they achieved that’.

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Throughout its history, especially in the early years, the Google used a very simple approach to management: leave people alone, let the engineers do their work. If they reach a deadlock, they can ask their bosses for help, who had become to head due to the high technical competence.

However, as it turned out, competence in the professional sphere, for example, the ability to write computer code in a dream, takes the last place in the list of qualities of a leader. Above all the staff appreciated the balanced bosses who find time to meet them face to face, to help deal with the problems, asking questions, but not imposing the answers. They also should be interested in the life and career of employees.

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Working on the project, the company's statistics collected more than 10,000 comments on the managers for over 100 indicators. The source was created due to the result of certifications of real colleagues and clients, and other different reports. The model was built on the basis of these data. As soon as the working theory was developed the management survey system was created in order to gather more data and refine hypotheses. In the last step all the results - more than 400 pages of interviews - were coded and processed, and then within a year were brought to the staff and implemented in a variety of training programs.

In any stuff the efficiency of work largely depends on the professionalism of the manager. The head of the company or of the department must not only gain credibility among colleagues, but also manage work properly, motivating employees. There are some simple rules any manager should be aware of. Of course only if he wants to achieve success together with his team.

10 management skills & rules the boss should know:

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1. Delegate responsibilities

Even if the leader knows best how to perform all the tasks, the team of employees needs to do their jobs. It is necessary to train colleagues to ensure that they give their work completed and not to change every little thing after them. Otherwise, a full-time working day of a manager will be spent on improvements, changes and multiple inspections.

2. Lead by example

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Employees will copy the style of the work of their head. If not to forget about the responsibly of the tasks and respect the deadline, come to work in time and respectfully communicate with customers, they will work with the same enthusiasm. If the head spends a large part of the working time for ‘out of work’ talking on the phone or in the smoking room, the team will also be looking for a reason to work in a slipshod manner.

3. Set your priorities

All the tasks the company and the department are facing, need to be divided into three groups according to the degree of priority: urgent, performed in operating mode and not urgent. The amount of tasks in the first group should not exceed 20% of all, in this case, the team will work effectively.

4. Keep your word

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Any promises, which were given by the head to his subordinates, must be fulfilled. If there is no certainty that the next month you will be able to raise wages and dismiss all vacation according to the schedule, it is better not to promise anything than to delay and apologize about what has been said previously.

5. Put clear tasks

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To work effectively the employees need to get the most precise setting, indicating the requirements and deadlines. It is best to send an e-mail with all the necessary information to an employee, so he does not have to ask again or say that he has forgot or hasn’t heard.

6. Monitor results

The performance of all the tasks must be checked, because the employees often do not do what, in their opinion, they have a possibility to skip and not to do. Encourage your team to put you in copy of each message they send, ask them to perform all the tasks that have been given.

7. The employees must not be criticized on public

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This rule is known to many, but still often violated. Ask staff to work better face to face and praise on public.

8. Stand up for your employees

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The mentality of many countries there is a subconscious belief that the biggest boss is a kind of a king, who is always wise, kind and fair. As soon as employees start to feel paternal care from their head, they are unconsciously moving to his side, which affects not only the personal relationships in the team, but also on the quality of the performed tasks.

9. Do not be afraid to look incompetent

No person can know all the details of more or less large company, so a good manager does not have to understand the processing of customs documents, or how to repair the steam boilers. The task of a manager is to work effectively, to build a team of professionals, but not know all the nuances of each employee.

10. Charge the employees with your energy

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If the manager is constantly showing that he works more than everyone and he is tired more than everyone that says about his incompetence, rather than hard work. The energy and positive attitude of boss is always transmitted to the whole team. And do not forget, the team is not less important than boss and right priorities.

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