What are the best tips on how to get along with a bad boss?

Have you ever had a nightmare where you are fighting with your boss? Imagine: you are late for your work, enter the room and your angry boss is sitting at your table. He says you are fired, you will get no money and then he throws you out from the office. And you wake up from your own crying a middle of a night. If your answer is yes – congratulations! You have a bad boss who destroys your mind. You have to change rules of this game quickly and save yourself. Here are some tricks and tips for you how to get along with a mean boss.

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1.    Try to imagine that you are that boss and you have to rule all the business. Every boss is a very busy person.  He has to manage all things, to solve daily problems and to make difficult decisions. And don’t forget he has to cooperate with a big number of people including such workers like you. So how do you think, could you stay calm and peaceful as Buddha, like you want him to be? Or would you become same nervous and irascible and make your subordinate shake from fear?
2.    It is well known: if the boss at work is nervous and emotionally unstable, all his team will get irritable as well. So the emotional state of your leading manager is very critical for you. Don’t annoy him with issues you can solve by yourself. Don’t be too late, work well. Imagine – it is your own corporation and someone behaves himself like you do it. Be patient and loyal.  
3.    If you understand your boss does wrong, and you can’t work like this anymore, try to change it. Find a possibility to speak with him alone with no one in a room. Discuss your misunderstanding very cordially and with no emotions. It has to be done calm and professionally. Show your boss you appreciate yourself and your work, don’t want to loose it and can be useful to your company. 
4.    Despite you probably have not a  good communication with your leading manager, don’t be angry. Instead do opposite: try to help your boss every time you can. Maybe he needs a better assistance, or he can’t solve some problem while it is easy for you. Don’t doubt to support him and you will see first positive results soon.
5.    Of course, it can happen that your boss is hopelessly mean and negative, and likes to torture you, but you can’t leave because of a lack of money. What should you do then? Try to stay calm and don’t behave yourself like he does. Don’t be angry with your colleagues. Always stay respectful and friendly with other people. Bad relationship with your boss shouldn’t have any negative impact on your communication with other people at your work.
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6.    Find out the primary motivation of your boss and a reason of his action. Maybe he isn’t that bad at all, and he just tries to make sure everything works well.
7.    Ask your mean manager to give orders and directions in a written form and not verbally. If he doesn’t agree and likes to speak only, send him an email like you want to check if you understood his right. Write down all your interactions so you can protect yourself in a case you will need to proof his wrong actions.
8.    If you feel your manager is incompetent, and you know what to do, try to make decisions on your own, without asking him. In such a way you will become an informal leader. Of course, such a self-confidence can make him even more angry, but you will get a precious experience.

9.    If you already are in the center of a conflict with your boss, and he is yelling at you every day, use a psychologist’s trick, that works well for couples fight: listen to him attentively and then repeat his angriest sentence in a question form, asking if he really means this. Make him explain his words. Otherwise having a bad boss can become a real problem for you.

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If you are searching for a new work right now, it is important to find out what for a person is your boss. Dealing with a bad boss can be really hard. Try to work with normal, emotionally stable and loyal people and to avoid crazy psychopaths, who will destroy your health and your life. Here is some useful information for you, how to understand the difference between a leader and a bad boss and how to choose a good chief. 

•    A real leader always tries to develop his people, improve them and make better, while a bad boss will only use them, command and criticize. 
•    A bad manager orders to show results of a job, even if he has no idea how to do it, while a leader always knows how to do a job he asks you to do. If you have issues, he will coach you and help. 
•    A good leader inspires his workers; a bad supervisor creates only fear and negativity.
•    Instead of being blamed by an angry boss you will feel enthusiasm working with a real leader.
•    There is a huge difference between a vision of a team of two types of people a manager and a leader. A boss says I and thinks mostly about his own profit, while a leader cares about a profit of the whole team. He appreciates all the employees and knows a lot about each worker.
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5 useful tricks how to improve your results at work: 
1.    Try to do your work excellent and to work as good as you can. Imagine you do it not for someone else but for yourself, for your own development. And you will be amazed how it will be easier to work.
2.    Don’t compete with someone else but with yourself only. Remember: you are the only and the most serious rival and not your employees. Try to improve your results every day, writes your daily best results to an excel document. It will be a great motivation for you if you will feel you are down.

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3.    Find your inner motivation. And don’t focus on money only. It is much better to concentrate on a self-improving, for example, to type faster if you are a copywriter, to write a cleaner code if you are a programmer, to run more speedy if you are a professional runner. 
4.    Appreciate every little better result you get. Little kids don’t start to run from the first day of their life. First, they crawl, then walk slowly, and only then they study how to run. So don’t be upset you can’t become the best worker of your company in one month. However, a daily resistant work will give its harvest someday.
5.    If your job is monotonous and boring, try to look at it in an unusually creative way. Turn on your imagination, imagine you do something else, and things will get more fun.

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