What are the worst job interview questions and answers to avoid?

Do you think how to prepare to the job interview? Do you want to learn how to answer interview questions in order to be recruited? What are the assessment criterias in addition to the interview questions? Read below

Job interview

Interview is a discussion of equal people. Each has its own position and a certain range of interests that can be shared. Even if you already have a great search experience, remember that when you are applying for a job you need to prepare in advance to each new interview. It requires:

  1. Gather as much information as possible about the company: the people working there, products that this company produce, implemented projects of the company, relation to the company by other organizations and others.
  2. Carry out self-examination and consider the answers to the questions you may be asked during the interview.
  3. Appearance and demeanor are very important and practically determining a first impression.
  4. Arrive at the interview in time.
  5. Take a good night's sleep at the night before going to the interview. Sleepy people never make a good impression. Try to go to bed at the usual time, not earlier or later.
  6. Do not forget to take with you to the interview as much as possible of the documents confirming your qualifications, education and additional knowledge.
  7. It is necessary to observe the rules of conduct.
  8. Remember that choosing between several candidates with the same qualifications, a crucial role will play your ability to make a good impression during a job interview.

But the most important is the job interview questions and answers. Therefore, when you will be asked how to answer questions at the interview, you can answer briefly – honestly. Most directors  are interested in not only what you say but how you do it. Each issue is not just a desire to know something about you, but also your ability to engage in the dialogue, be open to the other person. What is hidden behind the questions of the employer?

Questions during the interview

So let's look at the worst questions asked during the interview and job interview advices.

What questions do you have?
This question can be asked directly at the beginning of the conversation, and only pre-training will help you to orient. It is advisable to prepare in advance a list of questions to the interview  that you will discuss with the employer. Do not ask more than three questions in the different directions, unless you are not forced to the current situation.

Tell me a little about yourself
This is an excellent opportunity to present yourself in the best light, especially if you prepare in advance. Consciously or unconsciously, the employer is looking for employees who CAN do the job, has the appropriate qualifications, experience and so on, and WANTS to do it. The employer must see the concerned employee and he must understand what is the reason of the interest. The employer is looking for someone who will be controlled, will feel responsibility, will demonstrate the subordination of discipline, will be sensitivity to criticism.

It is necessary to prepare a story about yourself, which will show whether you have these desired qualities, especially important from the point of view of employers. If you are applying for a specific position or work known to you, your story has to be built with this in mind. Speaking about yourself, reduce formal biographical information and does not get carried away with the details. The most important thing - to mention your experience, your knowledge and skills that can be useful to the employer, as well as your attitude to the work.

Possible answers for the question:
I am responsible for the assigned  work, easily trained, disciplined.
I can and I want to do this job, because I'm interested.

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Why do you choose this job (organization)?
Give serious reasons: desire to apply your skills and experience where they can give the best return, career opportunities, attractiveness of the work in a strong team and so on.

Possible answers for the question:
I see in your firm prospects of the development.
I want that my application of knowledge gained, and I got the experience of the professional.
I would like to make an interesting case in your team.


Have you received other job offers?
If received, the directly say so. The fact that someone else is willing to hire you will increase your chances. You should add that this work interests you more.

Have you had a job interview in the other places?
As a rule, you can honestly say "yes," but do not say exactly where.

Will not the work associated with travels and irregular working hours hurt your personal life?
This question often hear women. Answer solid: "No, will not hurt."

What are your strengths?
Emphasize primarily the qualities that will be useful for this work.

What are your weaknesses?
Do not answer straightforwardly and  honestly to this question. It should be turned so that shift the focus. Tell about your shortcomings overriding it with advantages.

Why do you want this job? Why should we hire you?
That is the best question to "sell" yourself. But it must be carefully prepared in advance.

Why did you leave your last job?
Do not talk about the conflict, even if they were. Never criticize your former boss or employer. If the interviewer know that you had a conflict, do not go into details, explaining that this was an unique case, related to the special circumstances, after that say about your positive things that were in the previous work: experience, skills, professional communication, etc.

Why did you decide to change the place of work?
This question is asked frequently to those who at the time of interview still work. It is difficult to answer correctly for this question. You can say that the organization exhausted real opportunities for your professional and career growth, and you do not want to stop there.


How do you see your position in three (five) years?
Answer vaguely: I would like to work in the same organization, but on a more responsible work.

What is your experience?
Possible answers to the question:
My first work experience was received even in the school practice.
Practice at the university (list, where and in what capacity you had it).

What salary do you want?
At the beginning of the conversation is better to try to evade the answer by saying that you do not consider it necessary to discuss the salary first. If the interviewer insists, name the amount that is attractive for you and situated in line with expectations, capabilities and standards of the organization.

Possible answers for the question:
I believe that the payment in your company will not be lower than the average level.
Salary according to staffing in your company will suit me.
I hope for a reasonable salary level corresponding to the volume of work.

What would you like to learn more?
Never say that you do not have questions. Try to ask a question that will be in favor of your recruitment. For example, ask them to clarify something important for work and process of the company. Think in advance about such questions.

How do you see your boss?
In fact, the interviewer is trying to find out if you are prone to conflicts with the authority. The ideal answer is: Competent, strong leader who can lead the entire company.

Personal life
Such questions cause confusion. What is better - to be married or not, to have children or to be childless? In most cases, these questions are not intended to penetrate the secrets of your personal life, rather to understand the limit to which you are able to talk about yourself to a stranger.

This are the worst job interview questions proposed to candidates for interview. Sometimes, you may encounter unexpected and seemingly innocuous questions, such as “What did you do yesterday?”. You need to clearly think about all the questions and answers.


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