What is communication? – 4 main types for Nigerians

Effective communication is a must to have element of success in business and in life. Find out what it is and how to use it effectively.

Communication is a process that involves sharing info between different people or parties involved in it. The word comes to us from Latin and it conveys the idea of sharing information, thoughts, or emotions, data, etc. How could one become fruitful, if they have no idea how to properly share their ideas or thoughts? Without clear understanding of what communication is you cannot possibly do it.

what is communication

Now, every country and every culture has some special communication ways and techniques. In some countries like Nigeria people are more energetic and active; they use lots of non-vocal communication, gesticulation, etc. Mastering the main communication ways of your land and ethnicity enables you to become more successful in your household, in your society and in business.

Importance of communication

importance of communicationNow, communication is especially crucial in Nigeria, where there are over 500 local tribal languages. Even living in the same country folks may have communication barriers evoked by different background, language and cultural barriers.

That is why interaction is so imperative for this country, as well as for the rest of the world.

So, what are the key importance factors of communication? Here is a quick list of them:

Communication affects your mentality and thinking of those around you;

  • It affects your learning abilities;
  • It helps you to become a part of team at work, at church or in your family circle;
  • Communication empowers you to become successful;
  • It allows you to get other people on board and to carry out your ideas and fulfill your dreams. 

Types of communication

types of communicationAs you can see, mastering communication has many benefits to offer. Even though the way people communicate can vary from region to region and even from place to place, it’s good that there are many types of information transfer, innate to all people despite their origin and location. The same is applicable for Nigeria, where people come from a range of locations and backgrounds, but they still have several uniting factors. One of them is common knowledge of English language that makes communication possible in any area of that country.

  1. Verbal contact 

    This type of interaction involves listening and verbalization. There can be several major barriers on the way of such interaction. For instance, it could be a language barrier, when you simply do not understand another person and have no ability to express yourself using their language. However, the barriers in verbal information exchange are not limited to language barrier alone. 

    People may speak the same tongue, but come from different backgrounds and culture, which means they do not share the same ideas, perceptions and concepts. People may also have hard time listening to each other and this creates a barrier in communication.
  2. Non-verbal contact 

    Here is where you can use your body language to communicate ideas and emotions to another person. In many cultures gestures are a valid part of interaction and people sort of “speak with their hands” and their entire bodies to enhance their verbal interactions.
  3. Visual communication 

    best visual communication One picture can be worth thousand words and that is true. Visuals make crucial and one of the most powerful interaction tools. That is one reason why social media and such platforms as YouTube have gained such popularity. They unite people from different places across the globe.
  4. Written communication 

    Words have power and the one who masters this power through written communication can easily attain success in business and in life. 

What is communication? - Practical tips 

what is communication 2

Now, when you understand the importance and types of communication and you know what communication is, it’s time to get some key tips on how to master this skill.

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First of all, communication is all about people. You cannot be good at it without loving and respecting them. Great people skills is the key. 

  • Learn how to be a good hearer;
  • Reflect conversation by asking questions and making sure you really get the implication of what is being said;
  • Learn to ask the right questions;
  • Place yourself in the other persons’ shoes;
  • Make people feel important;
  •  Learn how to use all the communication types to convey your ideas;
  • Ask questions to figure out if people have gotten your right;
  • Use examples to illustrate your thoughts;
  • Develop genuine interest to people you talk to;
  • Use non-verbal communication;
  • Do not criticize;
  • Be affirmative.

This information on what is communication can help you to understand it better and improve your personal communication skills. Mastering the art of communication can open up new doors for you and make it possible for your dream to come true.  


Communication is the main part of our successful life in the society. This is the best way of getting and sharing the information you need. People just can not live without any communication, that is why, today we have lots of possibilities to communicate with different people even from different countries. We can speak to the person ower the phone or by the means of internet. We can obtain some useful knowledge which we may successfully use in our lives and solve some different life's problems. So don't be afraid of ask and answer the questions - its an eternal part in our lives.

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