What is the difference between boss and leader?

The most important difference between a boss and a leader is they both work with people, but the first will always dominate and demand results of a done job or a finished project, while the second one will lead his people and inspire them. However, let’s find out all the details of a difference between a boss and a leader.

boss versus leader

Attitude to other people.

A boss sees his coworkers like subordinates only, living tools for reaching his goals or goals of a company. There is very little compassion, understand and maintenance in these relations. A leader sees his people like his team. He understands needs and supports each because he knows that emotional state of each team’s member is imperative in achieving his purpose. People can work well when they feel good. Otherwise, they can’t show their full potential. A good leader understands this and inspires all his coworkers, tries to make their mood and their emotional state as good as it is possible.

How they solve any troubles.

A boss motivates people usually by two opposite things: money and fears. With the money he makes people work good and even better every next day. And he uses fears to control his subordinates. A boss doesn’t believe in any motivation, and all his system is built on domination, forbiddances, taboos and submissions. If you were sick or couldn’t see how to handle some project, a boss will never help. He will rather yell there are many workers who will be happy to get your working place, so you have to move and to work. A leader will act opposite. When people stuck for some reason, he will always ask why it happened. And he will give correct advice to help a person to deal with a trouble because he knows a lot of personal information about all his coworkers. Be sure a real leader can lose any problem.

boss versus leader2


Well, all the motivation of a boss is clear from the text above. You can hardly imagine a manager working in one room with all other people. They prefer to surround themselves with things that will show distinctly to all his subordinates who is the main here. All these expensive (often old) furniture, doors, assistances serve to show other people how miserable they are. A leader often works with all the team, because it is important for him to take part in every step of a project they do. It is not his team does the work, it is he and his staff do it together. When something goes wrong, a leader solves problems. He always shows on his example how to act, how to think and how to live. And while a boss usually says “I achieved such success”, a leader says “My team achieved these goals.”

boss versus leader3

Going out.

It 's hard to imagine a boss drinking with his team in some pub after a successful finished project. It is typical rather for a leader. Going out or receiving other positive benefits are important parts of any collaboration. Relax is same a "must have" as money or a hard work.


While a boss will completely don't care what relations people have between each other, a leader understands relationships between all the colleagues are very critical in achieving of any purpose. A boss will only care how good work was done, so he uses his people without thinking of them. A real leader will always try to develop his all team because from the level of their knowledge’s depends on a result of their work. He understands people are his the most valuable resource.


A boss demands to think short term and to show him all the results daily. A leader teaches to think long term. He can inspire to work hard even if his people get less money right now. And actually, ability to teach is the main difference between these two types of managers. A leader will teach colleagues to increase knowledge of people and results of a company while a boss will fire and hire another worker than spend his precious time on training his subordinates.

boss versus leader4

Ability to study and to be wrong.

Other terrible characters treat that well known to all the people who has ever met with a boss, is knowing all in the world. It sounds like an absolute knowledge. This type of individuals is very stubborn and doesn’t like to be wrong or to make a mistake. A leader can show you he can be wrong. Leaders like to study and to teach. It is a type of people, who never stops in their self-improvement. And they demand this from all their coworkers.

How do they demand?

A leader can criticize but he will coach you to find your solution, encourages you to improve yourself and work faster, smarter and more efficiently. He supports every player while study and analyzes how they face daily troubles. He is ready to help whenever it is needed. A boss directs and will never help. He will rather blame you and point on your weak place. A real leader inspires performances, manages all the team works like a clock. He will never focus on himself but on a product, you do together, on his colleagues.

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Every leader is a good boss, but not every boss is a leader. There are many managers in the world, but there are very less real leaders. And it is a very big luck if you have a chance to work with a leader. Appreciate this experience and study, because leaders usually know a lot.

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