Whats Wrong With Liberty Reserve?

Hello Guys,

What is wrong wih liberty reserve, I dont want to believe what i'm thinking. The delay in their website maintanance period is getting too long for comfort.

What do you think?


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lol...dat 1 na die ooo


>> Hey, I want you guyz to help me out on the issue of NO LR xchanger in Liberia here, and i find it difficult to buy LR online, can someone help me out!~


sorry to push this in but i ve tried something like this before but manually,where i was told just 2000naira,i never made a dime,i advertised on complete sports and any other media you can think of.i even printed out handbills and pasted around campuses but no show.its stressfull and it not as easy as it sounds. sorry man


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. . how can i buy LR from you?


The liberty Reserve is back in full.

They were upgrading their serves to help accumulate more clients and accept more browser.


I have Liberty Reserve available for SALE

$1 = N185

I have $4300 for SALE NOW.

30 minutes Instand Funding.


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Is this all that is needed to do?

the steps are a bit streneous, but how true is it?

can you throw more light on it?


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I will tell you the reason why I was worried about their failure to come up by 10:00am today.

Watch out

Dedicated to your success,




i am worried too, but i visited their blog to get the informaion below

you too can visit the site for more information




Dear friends,

The web site should be becoming available in certain regions at first and slowly for everyone else. We could not apologize enough for the extended delay. But Liberty Reserve has always chosen privacy, security and safety as issues of primary concern. Please, as always, rest assured that Liberty Reserve remains the safest place to conduct your financial transactions, and while outages are hard to forecast, we would like to assure you that everything will be done in our power to minimize those to the bare necessary minimum. Including adding two mirrors (that are being implemented now).

Please note that the ONLY OFFICIAL source of information regarding the status of our system is this blog and not any other forum or a newsletter or an e-mail. You may be introduced to some quite bizarre rumors during this outage and false information that was cooked up by an unfriendly and dishonorable competitors but as always, Liberty Reserve will lead the way and is not going anywhere for many years to come.

We have committed ourselves to offer the best service - and we will.

We appreciate your understanding and your continued support.

Posted by Jennifer at 1:39 PM


Hehe heee. Make those guys no try nonesense oh. I am begining to lose confidence in them when for the past 24hrs, their promised 8hrs deadline has not been reached by their timing.

The delay is wrecking alot of havoc to my business> I have never been in dire need of their service like this before.


i also begin to fear, but lets hope something good is coming

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