Where Do I Advertise & Market My Business Online?

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Where do i advertise or market my business online? I know its very important for every business owner to have a website in order to reach a wider audience but I cannot spare the time to build and pay for one.Please I need a website to host my products and details about my company.Does anyone know of an online service like that? Replies are welcome ASAP!

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How to effectively Advertise your business for FREE!!!

by Vivacity PR on Thursday, February 17, 2011 at 4:21pm

Ok guys its the 2nd month of the year so Ann will ask "Are half way through your First quarter targets for 2011". Now I do hope your answer to that is YES.

If it isnt dont stress im always here to help

As a small business you will recognise the need to promote your business.

With a bit of creativity and some work on your part there are a number of ways to advertise your business for free.

Many local businesses struggle to find ways to promote themselves, get links, rank in search engines, and ultimately drive traffic to their websites. Most small businesses also have limited budgets making the task more difficult. Have a look at these suggestions and feel free to contact me if you need more help.

1. Write a press release

Doing something newsworthy? If you are you can always submit a press release. Writing a press release is the best way to generate some free publicity. Basically, most journalists do not have much time to write stories, so if you can provide them with easily written text it becomes quite easy for them to publish it. But be careful and don’t presume that your story will be interesting. The fact that you sell a product is not very interesting. Interesting stories are more likely to be human interest, or about a new business opening. Look inside a publication to see what sorts of stories that they publish and write your press release like one of these. You do not have to pay tons of money to get viewers to click on your ad.

Advertise here for FREE!! www.mousefind.com {for advertisers in Nigeria} www.surfnest.com {for advertisers in, the united Kingdom}

Read more here:



If you are serious about buiness

1 Get a website, Even if it is the free type.

2 Advertise with Google,Yahoo or facebook

3 Take advantage of Clasifieds

4 And try local ad agencies like Nairaclicks. http://nairaclicks.com

I do all these ,it works for me,But presently because of the costs I have restricted my self to No 3 and 4 ,They ar cost effective and I felt nothing lost.

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