Why Ecobank sacks over 1000 of its staff workers?

Is Ecobank firing its staff… again?! Learn the news.

Many Nigerians are struggling to find a good job. When a large company sacks its workers, it becomes a newsmaker in the country. This time it is Ecobank… again!

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Why 1040 people lost their jobs at Ecobank?

In the past Ecobank has been on the news for sacking 50 of its top management employees. Just last week another major bank – Diamond Bank Plc – sacked over two hundred of its workers. Is that an epidemic of job loss in Nigeria?

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In the first place they planned on firing over 1400 workers, but that number was cut to 1040. Both full timers and contract employees fall under the category for sacking. There is some good news for freelancers, though. Over 200 of them got full time jobs at the company.

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Such actions are a part of talent search and company improvement strategy. No top performer was sacked! Banking is a highly competitive industry and Ecobank has to stay on top by constant improving of customer service and its performance. So, if you wish to work there or preserve your job, work hard and well!

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