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Are You A Fan Of Arnold Schwarrzenegger?

I know i am not the only one badly missing Arnold Schwarrzenegger alias Commando in the movie industry.

Well, he happens to be doing very well as a Governor of California now, he has dropped the movie business but it was all good while it lasted, he was the fearless man in his movies.

How many of you  loved him and miss him badly now as much as i am missing him, i'll love to know and please share your favourite movie of his that you like with us.

Mine are End of days, Erazer with Vaneesa Williams"u've just been erazed" u should remember its soundtrack, "where do we go from here" sang by vaneesa williams herself, True Lies with Jamie Lee Curtis as his wife where he was an undercover secret agent and the wife found out later, Jingle all the way , special movie for Xmas where he is trying to buy the latest toy for his son and Sinbad keeps getting in his way, a must have for families, the film is hilarious, Commando, his daughter was kidnapped and he created a war to get her back, he was a one man army, Total Recall, a woman had three bosoms in this movie, Predator and The 6th Day, where he was been cloned.

Tell me what you think about Arnold Folks.

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Where Do You All Reside?

I live in the Bay area, Northern California.

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