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Should Catholic Priest And Nuns Be Allowed To Have Sexual Relationships?

Current estimates of Roman Catholic priests in the U.S.= 49,000 to 50,000

Estimates of craddle-robber priests = 3,000 (6.1%) to 8,000 (16.3%)

188 Dioceses in the U.S. Divide 3,000 by 188 = 16 perpetrators per diocese

Divide 8,000 by 188 = 42 perpetrators per diocese

Current experts claim a craddle-robber could abuse 200-265 children in a lifetime.

200 x 16 perps/diocese = 3,200 victims/diocese

200 x 42 perps/diocese = 8,400 victims/diocese

3,200 victims/diocese x 188 dioceses = 601,600 victims in U.S.

8,400 victims/diocese x 188 dioceses = 1,579,200 victims in U.S.

Average American family consists of 4-6 people

(3,200 victims/diocese) 601,600 victims x 4 family members = 2,406,400 indirect victims

60l,000 victims x 6 family members = 3,609,600 indirect victims

(8,400 victims/diocese) 1,579,200 x 4 family members = 6,316,800 indirect victims

1,579,200 x 6 family members = 9,475,200 indirect victims

These numbers are a reflection of immediate family only and do not reflect the indirect victims within the parishes that are affected.

188 Bishops are responsible for the pain of at least 601,600 direct victims and as many as 9,475,200 indirect victims — a total of as many as 10,076,800 people. Clearly, something is wrong.

Using the lower numbers the number of direct victims and survivors alone could populate a city larger than Boston. Using the higher numbers, it would be the fourth largest city in the U.S.— one between the size of Houston and Chicago,

This problem is caused by the Catholic churches archaic attitude towards sexual and human relationships that prevent priest and nuns living a normal, natural existence. This unatural existence leads to sexual tensions and all the problems this creates.

The very same people that are preaching to us that we are sinners!

I would like to know your views on whether you think that priest and nun should be allowed to marry and have normal sexual relations?

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Should Catholic Priests be Allowed to Get Married?

Should Reverend Fathers Get Married?

In 1 Corinthians 7, Paul talks about marriage. In that same verse, he puts it clear that if you can not be like him, it is better to get married, than to mess yourself up.

I have heard several cases, home and abroad, where Reverend fathers and sisters commit untold sins, fit enough to make any pagan vow to remain in paganism. And I have asked many a times without a cogent answer as yet. Must you be a celibate, before you can serve God? Where did did catholics get the doctrine of mandatory celibacy, for reverend fathers, even when they are conspicuously not keeping to it?

As usual, I beg for fathomable answers please.

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