10 sexy celebrities Adekunle Gold had crush on, who are they?

Check out photos of celebrities Adekunle Gold had crush on!


Adekunle Goled is a popular person in show business. He is also a female favorite. The ladies sure do love him. 10 hottest sexy celebrities are sure to be in relations with Adekunle. 

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We cannot confirm this gist, but if pictures are anything to go by, then the ‘Orente’ singer has been involved with his fair share of smoking hot female celebrities.

Find some of them below.

1. Beyonce

Adekunle Gold and the Queen Beyonce herself

Look at him, just casually possessing his possession


2. Rihanna

Adekunle Gold kisses Riri’s thigh passionately. The image is truly staged.


3. Nicki Minaj

Adekunle and Nicki Minaj

He even attended the BET awards with her. Pessimists will hesitate. But optimists will take it for sure.


4. Toolz

An excited Toolz Oniru and Adekunle Gold

They were such a playful couple. Nothing to comment on.


5. Chrissy Teigen

They were much spoken about. Nothing to do but they  actually gave a birth to a child.


6. Kim Kardashian

Adekunle enjoys a bath with Kim

They say a couple that bathes together stays together, but where are these two today?


7. Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi

Happy couple

They took their love to another level with the branded t-shirt.


8. Amber Rose

Adekunle Gold and Amber

Can’t get over how adorable they were together.


9. Kemi Adetiba

Adekunle Gold and Kemi Adetiba on the cover of Mania magazine

I bet their necks hurt after they were done with this photoshoot.


10. Simi

Adekunle and his lovely Simi. They are happy together. Here they are again. They are even singing  together. Charming and lovely.


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