2Baba vs. Wizkid: Should the old school musicians give way to the new stars?

What do you think about the conflict of interests between the musicians of the old school versus new rising stars? See what professionals have to say about it!

2faceMusic lovers, as well as biggest fans of 2face Idibia, are now infuriated: how could anyone dare say that their favorite musician is no longer good and should quit the art to give way to new star? This is unbelievable. Nigerian bloggers kept on writing and writing their thoughts on why music world without 2face Idibia in it would never be the same.

What a sensation to hear that someone might even consider that 2face style is outdated and no longer relevant in the modern culture! People keep sharing their thoughts on this idea and express how unbelievably stupid it is to let him go and let a new generation take up his position. However, there are people, especially among the younger generation, that are sure that this is the way it is supposed to be: older should leave and abandon the world of music for the youngsters to rule.

We are confident that you either stick to the first statement or the latter depending on your age and music preferences. But here is what we have to say about this!

2face idibia

It is utterly disrespectful to say things like his about someone who was there at the dawn of the music era in Nigeria. We could not believe that someone would actually suggest this as a sound idea. Even though there are people that do not see this as an idea worth thinking about, we are actually appalled that this was even said out loud.

The world of music is what it is thanks to the efforts and talent of 2face. It is hard to even to imagine what music industry would look like today without his influence and determined desire to promote and advance this industry. By hard labor and his willingness to bring changes ere, 2Baba became the centerpiece of the music industry in the area. It did not happen overnight, so he had to fight for it to happen.

And after he finally made the industry change and grew, he kept on working. He did not sit and relax after the mechanism was started. He resumed hard labor to maintain the proper work of the industry. That is how he became a real success of his own time.

2face idibia songs

2face’s interests are very broad and diverse, so he managed to draw the attention of both older generation and young adults to his music and lyrics. He met the expectations and, meanwhile, was breaking through the stereotypes. This Nigerian was the first musician of the state to bring his music to the public as a whole overseas; he conquered the hearts of many new artists of all ages and is still loved and supported by them.

Moreover, he became an inspiration for many uprising musicians. They were encouraged by his fame and strength of his talent, so a lot of the singers that are now famous owe their fame to 2face. He was a true icon at the time they were only rising and getting known. While they were still trying to gain a better understanding of what they want to sing about and what will be popular among the Nigerians, he was making his way up this hill, so that new generations of artists would follow him there.

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And honestly, think of the early stages of the careers of artists like Olamide, Wizkid, Vector, Omawumi, D’Banj, M.I., Cobhams, and DJ Jimmy Jatt: they stated back then that their decision to go into music was always in some way made based on 2face tremendous talent. They were astonished by his music and followed his way!

2face music

However, despite all of the mentioned above, some critics point out that 2Baba is no longer attractive, and his music has lost its attraction. According to the last scandal on the terrain of Internet, some people state that 2fcae cannot even be compared to the musician like Wizkid whose songs are loved all over the world. As they mention, 2Baba no longer has his recent popularity, as his music has lost its charm and is not as intriguing s it used to be.

Sure thing, Olamide and his fellow contemporaries are playing new music these days. Their songs are different from those of our old school icon; this is quite logical. The industry grows, the average age of the public changes and so do their tastes. You will not attract people in their thirties with the same sort of music youngsters are listening to. However, it does not mean that new ones are better than the old ones; they are just different.

Therefore, 2face with his sophisticated music that was proven to be a result of his enormous talent will remain. 2face could have changed his style to keep up with the new mood of the general public, but that would mean the change of the artist’s style. After some time, he made a decision to change his name in order still to be accepted by younger generations.

We are sure that you have noticed the tendency that the younger the person is, the younger the musicians he is listening to are. That is why no surprise he is not chosen by youngsters. However, he does not seem to be too overwhelmed with this tendency. He is not willing to change his style, perspectives on music and beliefs. He stands firmly on being who he is.

2face lyrics

2Baba is not taking steps down. He does not switch to writing simple texts with catchy music just to make his music sell. No, he is still as sophisticated as he ever was. And that is what makes him stand out from the crowd of the new school artists that are often popular because their thoughts in the songs are primitive and straightforward, and emotions are on the surface.

So what is the cause behind the emergence of the discussion about 2face future in the music industry? The reason is very simple: people are changing so are their expectations. 2face has not lost a bit of his talent, but people state he has simply because they want him to spice his music up and add new colors to it.

Most of the music we are listening to is that the came to us from the Western countries. They have an own understanding of how the contemporary music should sound like. We are inclined to adopt their understanding, and that is how we end up pursuing their music standards in the frame of our own culture.

Those artists that sound more like Western singers are more famous than those that kept their original style and approach. You will definitely be more popular if you stick to the Western standards, but do you really want to be swamped but is it something you actually want to trade your talent for? I think that is the question 2Baba asked himself many times. And he did not give up!

2face is a legendary musician that was at the origins of Nigerian music industry years ago and still is one of the leading powers that do not let it stop growing and developing. He is the reason a lot of the young singers went into music; they sang his praise, and now they want him to quit. I do not see this coming.

His music is meaningful and profound, and that is why we love him and hope he will not quit no matter what pressure younger generation will put on him. He really should stay in the industry and keep on being an inspiration and celebrity to look up to. We need people like 2face to be our motivation. So next time you hear someone say that he should quit the stage and give way to the younger generation, make sure to disagree with them!

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