Adekunle Gold will headline the ceremony of the project he failed to enter twice

Have you heard the news that Adekunle Gold was chosen to be a guest performer of the MTN Project Fame? What a great news for this singer. Find out more here.

Adekunle GoldAccording to Adekunle Gold’s biography, he is a man of many talents. He started as a sculptor, then made it in many other areas of arts. Therefore. Today we mostly know him as a singer, author of popular songs and a graphic designer. He made it as a singer when he first introduced the publicity to his single called “Sade” which became his ticket to fame.

However, his first desire to become a musician was after he heard music by King Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obey. Back then he was a member of a local choir at a church he attended, and later inspired by this activity, he wrote his first song when he was a teenager.

Then as he was growing and developing as an artist, he tried to enter the MTN Project Fame. However, he was not accepted there by the decision of the jury. And the following year he was also rejected. This was a very sadtime for Adekunle Gold, but he did not give up and made it to the fame even without the show.

Adekunle Gold biography

This happened seven and eight years ago, but the fun story is that this year Adekunle Gold was invited to be a Guest Performer on this very show. Now, when became a star he was considered good enough to come and perform for them.

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As the celebrity stated, he saw the Hand of God that really loves him as it is pretty obvious that this situation was not just a coincidence. Apparently, Adekunle Gold feels quite proud about this as he posted an update on his social network feed about this special occasion. As years would pass, he would share this story with grandchildren as an example of the truth that one should never give up and always have faith in God!

And another thing: Adekunle Gold’s bio mentioned that at least three years ago he posted a note on his profile on Facebook where he said that he believed that his life would serve as a perfect success story one day. And so far, his plan is working very well.

Adekunle Gold single

Adekunle Gold’s latest album is called “Gold.” It was released in 2016, and includes the following songs: Gold (Intro), My Life, Beautiful Night, Orente, Nurse Alabere, Friend Zone, Paradise, No Forget Ft. Simi, Pick Up, Work, Temptation, Ariwo Ko, Fight for You, Ready, Sweet Me, Sade (Bonus). Both Adekunle Gold’s album and singles are being successfully sold in Nigeria now. Follow the star up on the social networks to learn more about his huge success and get inspired by his faith.

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