Adekunle's Gold photoart: Check out singers' sexy poses

Adekunle's Gold fake photos! Do you want to see them? You will be impressed! Check out another Adekunle's talent here! All the newest photos are gathered in this article!

Adekunle Gold and kim kardashian

Talented Nigeria performer, called Adekunle Gold, is well- known by his fan for cool music but to those people, who know him much better, say that he is very talented in graphics. Check out a few of his creative skills, editing some photos he has shared online.

Adekunle Gold and Amber Rose

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Adekunle Gold biography is full of his achievements. But there is a little information about paining or graphics skills, however plenty about: Adekunle Gold songs and Adekunle Gold album. The performer decided to display his talent once more in a series of pictures he put out.

Chrissy Teigen and Adekunle gold

On one he is cuddling almost naked Kim Kardashian and in another he is peeking over a tender Chrissy Teigen’s shoulder, while she breastfeeds her baby Luna. The last photo - he is sitting on Amber Rose’s knees.

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