Afrocandy, who is she?

Do you want to know about famous Nigerian singer, advertisement model and a porn actress, nicknamed Afrocandy? Find some interesting information in our article.


Judith Mazagwu is more famous as Afrocandy. She is very talented Nigerian in many spheres, including producing, songwriting and modelling. Also, she is a very talented actress of the unconventional genre, actually she a porn actress.

She was born in 1971 in a small town. Her family was also quite an artistic one, so when she was keen on acting during her school education, her parents just supported her. But later she decided to give up acting and entered the college to become an administrator. Also, she underwent courses of the security officer.

After finishing college she had quite the unsuccessful marriage. This marriage gave her two, absolutely amazing children. And only after that she returned to the acting. During the family photo shoot with her children, she was suggested to return to acting by a modelling agent. First, she appeared in some successful advertisement campaigns, and then she appeared in some small cinema roles. Later she got more serious roles, and filmed in different movies, even in Hollywood. She moved to the USA to join her husband, living there.


Judith decided to go into porn industry after her husband left her and her two children. She was desperate, she did not have money to pay for her house rent. Also, it was very interesting for a woman to try herself in such industry. So, she made this decision. She is now very well paid actress.

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In the year 2009, she took a new pseudonym Afrocandy instead of her real name, Judith Mazagwu. And released her first own music single. There were a few scandals connected with her ex-husband concerning their children and their relations, but she easily passed through them.

So cute

She tells that she, of course, is going to leave porn industry when she turns old. But the nearest time she will not do it, she would rather go for plastic surgery. And the next twenty years she is going just to continue filming.

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