Are Brad and Angelina still married?

Have you heard the latest news about Brad and Angelina? Are they still married? How do their children feel about the upcoming divorce? The answer is in this article.

Brad and AngelinaThe news about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce has shaken the world; it is just that so many people looked up at them and followed their example in family life that it is now hard to believe that they are splitting up.

However, it is true. Unfortunately, at the time being, they are in the transition stage when their attorneys are preparing the documents. Let’s see when the relationship of Bad and Angelina began to show signs of strain.

Forty-one-year-old Angelina filed a divorce on September 19, 2016. She stated that being married to her husband, fifty-on-year-old Brad Pitt was not good for the health of the family. The official reason Angelina mentioned when filing a divorce is that they as a couple are too different to be living together. That is why splitting up is their best choice.

Since Angelina and Brad are not a regular couple but extremely famous and loved by many, they faced rumors around their decision to break up. Some sources shared rumors that the real reason for such a break-up was marital infidelity. They claimed that Brad Pitt might have had an affair with Marion Cotillard. He played with her in the recent movie, and they seemed to be close friends.

Brad and Angelina Jolie latest news

Nevertheless, the actress herself stated that these are the rumors that have no real meaning behind them. In fact. She was cheating on her partner whom she loves and has been dating with for a long time now. The most surprising turn of events was when she mentioned that she is pregnant from her boyfriend. Thus, she has nothing to do with the divorce and feels very sorry for both Angelina and Brad.

As you probably know, Angelina and Brad have been in the relationship for twelve years, and two of them they were married. They seemed to be absolutely happy. They had three children together and adopted three more. Their relationship started when Brad Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston. He was cheating on her and filed a divorce later as they were already building the relationship with Angelina.

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Brad and Angelina married

The reaction of Jennifer was not the bitter. She only put it this way: this how everything you do comes back at you. However, she added that she would never wish any of this to happen to Brad and Angelina on purpose., She has made her peace with his choice long ago.

The sad news about Angelina filing a divorce caught Brad by surprise. He did not see this coming. When she mentioned that she was doing it for the sake of family’s health, he answered that he did not even know what that meant.

There was a sad incident when Brad was harsh and abusive around his children on their private jet. This was captured on a video, and now the authorities investigate this question. He was not abusive physically, but rather verbally. As Brad and Angelina explained it, he had some alcohol and was tired. He did not mean to hurt the children. We have no answer whether this happens a lot to him at home behind the closed door.

Brad and Angelina relationship

No matter what the reason for the divorce filing was, Brad seemed to be devastated. He wanted to keep his family and at least see his children. However, Angelina wants to get the sole physical custody of the children. She has also filed a demand to provide Brad with joint legal custody only. She has hired the best professionals to make this happen.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt wants to get joint physical custody and seems to be very determined about it. He was trying to call the children and his ex-wife, but his number was blocked, so he could not call them. Children say that they miss their father, so their mother would probably let them see him soon.

So far, Angelina is renting a huge rental house in Los Angeles. It has everything a single mother with six children might need and even more. Children are thrilled to have a heated pool and live by the beach. So far, this is what they will call home.

A couple of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was always thought of as an item. They even got a nickname – Brangelina. It is sad beyond words that a family like this would break up. Hopefully, actors will provide a glimpse of reality. But this is all we know for today. Keep following their news, and let’s hope everything will come right at the end of the day.

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