Are Chidinma and Tekno dating?

Have you seen pictures of Chidinma and Tekno together? Do you think it is possible that they are dating? If you are still not sure, check out these photos to make your mind.

Chidinma biography

Chidinma’s biography is packed with dating experience with what seems to be an awful lot of men in some ways connected to the show business. This is entirely her business, but the rumors spread. However, she has not posted any photos online with any man in particular.

Nevertheless, she has probably decided to come out of the shadows. Chidinma has posted several pictures with a producer Tekno. None of them commented Those pictures, but their message seems to be pretty clear: the couple appears to enjoy the company of each other a lot.

Chidinma pictures

Here are pictures where Tekno is laughing very hard while holding Chidinma close to him. The picture was taken at an airport (as there is a “Domestic arrival” sign on the background). Thus, fans of Chidinma and Tekno now believe that they are dating, for why else two singles would travel together looking so happy? The answer is obvious: they have started dating.

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As their fans state this couple has been friends for a long time now, but they never seemed to be interested in each other in a romantic way. Probably, something has finally clicked for both of them. Now they look happy and seem to value each other very much.

Chidinma and Tekno

However, Chidinma and Tekno have not yet officially commented on their status now; they are not people that would post meaningful pictures not meaning anything serious behind it. So, let us wait and see what happens next!

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