Are Chidinma Ekile and Flavour dating?

Have you seen the latest news about Chidinma Ekile and Flavour? Rumors say that they are dating. However, let’s see whether it’s true or not.

Chidinma Ekile InstagramPersonal lives of Nigerian celebrities are always a part of heated discussions. Moreover, it feels like constant intervention in their personal life does not bother them at all. On the contrary, celebrities like Chidinma Ekile seem to like this kind of attention and even provoke more rumors around their names.

If you follow Chidinma Ekile on Instagram, you will notice a recent move she has made there. She has deleted all the pictures of her without Flavour on them. So, now if you go o Chidinma Ekile’s profile you will find a collection of bright pictures with the other male celebrity and no other images whatsoever.

Chidinma Ekile boyfriend

What was the motive behind this move? She never answered. However, her fans are going crazy. They consider that such a decision only points out that Chidinma Ekile has a boyfriend now and that was her way of officially announcing it to the public.

The celebrity herself seems to refrain from comments.

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The only thing that struck us more than her previous move is that she has also soon after that deleted the pictures with Flavour. Now Chidinma Ekile only has one picture of herself on her Instagram account. What made her do this is still unexplainable.

Chidinma Ekile pictures

This leaves us waiting for more information to be provided. Before that enjoy beautiful pictures of Chidinma Ekile we could find online.

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