Are Davido and his baby mama together again?

Top Nigerian celebrity Davido, who showed hatred to his baby mama in social media, are back together? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about Davido’s personal life here!

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Sophia Momodu and Davido have already signed their ‘peace treaty’. Recall: Davido and also the mother of his child, whose name is Sophia Momodu, have created a huge baby drama, which existed for some time now even including their both family members.

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But now, the Davido's girlfriend and he are both at peace. Well, for now. 1960 Chick told that the guy reposted images of his little girl from his babymumy Sophia’s SnapChat to his one. According to the information of 1960 Chick, Davido affectionately has Sophia’s name saved as, ‘Big Head’ on his smartphone. After some pictures Sophia showed on Instagram page the Davido’s album artwork, which going to be released soon, it is called ‘Son of Mercy’.

She wrote that you can pre order this E.P Son Of Mercy on the 30th of September. Their drama began with calling of names and different accusations. The performer previously accused Sophia of neglecting their child, doping and also posing a really serious risk to Davido daughter and draining singer dry of all his cash. A lady insulted the performer too. Their huge public ‘wahala’ had climaxed at the moment, when Sophia Momodu called the immigration service on the whole Davido’s family, when they were trying to leave the country.

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Even after these issues, which existed between Davido’s and Sophia Momodu’s families and these two had never been at peace with each other, it seems that are quite calm now and are trying to communicate in a normal way. However, how long will it be, none knows. But they surely how something to work for – it’s their beloved daughter.

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