Are Drake and Rihanna dating?

Drake publicly made a declaration of love to Rihanna - Romance at the MTV VMA 2016


Firstly, let’s recall that Rihanna and Drake is a long-standing beloved couple. For the first time people started talking about their romance in 2013, but by coincidence, in 2014 it became known that they broke up. But a few months ago, the world once again spread the news about the reunion of the lovers.

Past award ceremony – MTV Video Music Awards 2016 – was not only a large-scale ("return" to the award of Britney Spears, the public appearance of Beyonce’s daughter and other memorable moments), but also a very romantic event. And the main characters in this respect became Drake and Rihanna, whose coming together on stage is widely discussed all the world.

Pop diva in the evening received a special award The Video Vanguard Award for outstanding achievements, and handing of this award was intrusted, of course, to Drake - an old friend and longtime lover of RiRi (who also congratulated the actress before anyone else – he made for her a special name billboard).


The whole world is at your feet: Rihanna received from Drake a terrific gift. Such titles became very popular after this event. Rapper Drake knows how to send the girl into raptures. The musician, for example, made a truly impressive gift for Rihanna - a greeting on a giant billboard. A photograph of Drake’s present Rihanna has published in her Instagram. Rapper congratulated her with the award - Video Vanguard Award, which Rihanna received at the MTV VMA ceremony. «Congratulations to Rihanna from Drake and Everyone at Ovo» - this is what was written on the billboard.

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And despite the fact that officially the couple has not confirmed yet their renewed relationship, after Drake's speech which was dedicated to Rihanna, no one has left doubts that there is nothing between the couple.

So, he began talking under the cheers of the audience: «I'm in love with her since was 22 years old. She's my best friend and a true living legend in the music industry.»


Then Drake remembered the first time he met his future star - back in 2005, when RiRi was shooting the video for their first single Pon de Replay from the debut album. According to the musician, Rihanna has not changed over the years.

Emotionally Drake described his feelings and attitude towards RiRi: «What's most impressive isn't the endlessness of stats, awards, and accomplishments. What's most impressive is the person. Some artists need to play a character to achieve success; some need to downplay their own natural instincts to blend in. She succeeds by doing something no one in this industry does, which is being herself. This woman has surpassed all competition while still being the same girl from Barbados surrounded by the same friends, speaking with the same accent and never missing a Crop Over unless it's to come perform at OVO Fest. We love the music, which can change styles from album to album. We love the videos, which change their artistic vision from year to year. But most of all, we love the woman who hasn't changed since day one.»

Listening to her boyfriend, pulled at heartstrings Rihanna was smiling with embarrassment: obviously, she did not expect that he would be so eloquent. She was also caught flatfooted by kiss when Drake, making concluding his chord, approached to her: confused Riri ducked awkwardly, not wishing to bill and coo with her lover in front of thousands of people.


However, in the acceptance speech, she thanked the singer Drake for his kind words and said that for her it is a special night: «My success ... Everything has started with a dream, and now my accomplishments no longer belong only to me. This is our common victory, total credit - my family, my fans, my country, the Caribbean in general, and women in general - I have to thank everyone who supported me during all these years, - Rihanna turned to the audience.

From the stage Rihanna and Drake were seen off with a storm of applause, and the rest of the evening stars spent, of course, in each other's company.

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