Are Emmanuel Emenike and Iheoma Nnadi going to marry?

Everyone is excited about the engagement of Emenike and Nnadi! Do you want to learn more about them and their marriage? Then this article is just for you!

Emenike and Nnadi

Another Nigerian couple is finally declaring their engagement! Emenike and Nnadi are getting married, right after they told the whole world about their relationships.

Several weeks ago it was a pleasant surprise for their fans to hear that they were dating. Now it got a lot more serious – the famous couple is planning to make their own family and that’s very cute.

Emenike (29) is older than his fiancé – the age difference is 8 years. It happened on the weekend when the couple was having a date.

There was no doubt that Iheoma Nnadi would say yes to the handsome sportsman and businessman Emenike.

She was really excited about the Emenike proposal so she confirmed the gossips via one of her social media profiles.

Nigerian beauty posted a picture where she is hugging her future husband and another photo of her beautiful ring. They have been dating for half a year before Emmanuel proposed.

However, the people would start to say that the ring he gave to her doesn’t look really presentable. Therefore, he was advised to buy a new one for his love.

So he listened and bought another ring, really beautiful and apparently supper expensive to impress his future wife. And she was really happy and satisfied.

Emenike and Nnadi

After Nnadi received the second ring she posted the photo of it on Instagram again so that the entire world sees it.

And the news that made their fans even more excited is that Iheoma might be pregnant. However, it’s still just rumours.

Some people started to say that the only reason why Emmike proposed is because they found out about pregnancy and didn’t want to keep their relationship unofficial.

But the others believe that it’s just mean comments and that’s not the real reason why these two are engaged. All in all, everyone is really excited that two Nigerian celebrities are going to build a family together.

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It’s hard to disagree that both of them look really in love and really happy. Therefore, it’s time to remind ourselves some facts about Emenike and Nnadi.

Iheoma Nnadi

Iheoma is officially one of the most beautiful girls in Nigeria who has participated in a lot of competitions. In 2014 the Nigerian celebrity whose full name is Iheoma Nnadi Amanda has won a title Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria.

Later that year she also decided to participate in the Miss World but it didn’t go that well for her – she didn’t take any place at all.

However, Iheoma is still very loved in Nigeria and a lot of girls think of her as an example worthy of following.

Emenike and Nnadi

Most of the Nigerians think that it was a great idea for her to get married to a former athlete who has now a stable income that comes from Turkey.

It’s not all about money but if they are going to create their own family then it’s necessary to provide their future baby with a house and all the other necessary things.

There are people who really believed that Emike wouldn’t have chosen Nigerian beauty queen as his wife because he had dated another famous woman before her.

Her name was Ebube Nwagbo and she was his great friend and supporter. Moreover, she also participated in the funeral ceremony of his father one year ago.

And even though the two celebrities had dated for a while, it didn’t work out for them. This fact only proves that time isn’t that important when you find someone special.

The competition that Nnadi took part in back in 2014 wasn’t that easy for her. There were a lot of other girls who put a lot of pressure on her and didn’t want her to win. Therefore, they tried their best to not let this happen.

The social media was all about them and the young 19-year-old Nigerian girl. Not many people believed she would have done it. There were even more scandals.

For instance, a lot of people couldn’t believe that Iheoma wasn’t lying about her age. For some reason, the media wouldn’t stop spreading out gossips about the young and beautiful celebrity.

Emenike and Nnadi

Who knows, maybe jealousy was the reason? Finally Nnadi showed all her documents and that’s when everyone believed her. The organizers of the shows later apologized for such behaviour.

Emmanuel Emenike

Emmanuel Emenike is very famous in Nigeria and it seems like literally everyone knows his name. He was born in 1987 and the first club he joined was Delta Force.

It wasn’t a serious job but later his skills got much better so he was accepted to MP Black Aces. And after a while Emmanuel was good enough to play for Cape Town.

Later he continued growing as a footballer and moved to Turkey where it wasn’t that easy for him to work. However, the athlete admits that it was still a great experience.

Karabukspor was really proud to have such a professional player on their team!

Another interesting fact is that Emenike started his career back when he was really poor and no one supported him financially – but now he has everything he wants!

Later he even got to work with the Russian team Spartak Moscow where he showed himself as a really professional player. However, he had to face a lot of discrimination so he decided to quit after 2 years of playing.

He came back to Turkish club and stayed with them for a while. However, right now he doesn’t belong to any club anymore. All in all, Emenike and Nnadi engagement is certainly great news and hopefully they will be happy!

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