Are Korede Bello and Zahra Buhari dating?

Is it true that Korede Bello is dating Buhari’s daughter? Or is it just a regular rumor about famous people? Find the answer here.

Korede Bello with Buhari daughter,

Some have shared the news about Korede Bello dating Buhari’s daughter. No one could really explain whether it was true, so the story went viral on the Internet. It all started after the singer was shown a picture taken of him and Buhari’s daughter where they seem o be talking quite passionately about something. He saw the photograph and answered that he believes they both look good on it.

The journalists, always on the watch for hot news, considered this as a hint that there might be something going on between Zahra Buhari and Korede Bello. They mentioned it to the general public, and that’s when fans went crazy.

The picture of Korede Bello with Buhari daughter, however, does not prove that they are now dating. As the singer mentioned in one of his latest interviews, it only points out that they are good friends. The mass media could not really trust his words as a bit later he uploaded a picture of him and Zahra Buhari to his Instagram account. The picture is of two young people with a comment stating “Bae and me”.

Korede Bello and Buhari daughter

The fans of the celebrity were sorrowful about this news, as according to his words, he was not going to get married not, but as soon as he decides to start a family, he is likely to marry one of his fans. The reason for such a decision is that, in his circles, ladies are only interested in going out with him for his fame and career, while his fans love him for who he really is deep in his soul.

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Therefore, the news that Korede Bello and Buhari daughter might be going out broke hearts of many young female fans of the singer. That is why to fix the problem singer has met with the journalists to explain the current situation.

Korede Bello Buhari daughter

According to his words, they are not dating. Korede Bello and Buhari’s daughter are just close friends who share one common love to… Nigeria. As the singer stated, he is in love with the way Zahra Buhari speaks passionately about their state. He has not seen anyone else being so deeply in love with the country as she is. That is why he admires her and likes being around her. There is nothing more between young people at the moment.

Moreover, as the celebrity adds he believes that his friend is going to get married sooner that he himself plans to. So far he wants to remain single and resume work on his career. That is all, and that is how the rumor about Korede Bello dating Zahra Buhari is put an end to.

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