Are Nick Young and Iggy Azalea breaking up?

Are Nick Young and Iggy Azalea really breaking up? What is the reason? Find out in this article!

Iggy and NIck Young

The love story

Nick Young and Iggy Azalea is a very lovely couple. Their fans were always admired by them. Their love story started when Young watched a video of Azalea called “Work” and he liked it a lot. He recalls his feelings as following: “ I was like, 'Oh man, she looks very hot.” He went on his Twitter and made her his Wednesday crush. She actually bid on it.

Iggy and NIck Young

They engaged on year ago and planned to marry.  Iggy has been open about her road to marriage on social media as well as in past interviews.

The Lakers player was talking about wedding plans as recently as earlier this week onTuesday, June 14. He said: "It's coming along. It's a little tough because a lot of people want to come ... And she's just turned into this -- what's it called, bridezilla?" Later he added that he wanted to handle the menu planning.

Iggy and NIck Young

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Times are changing

However, most recently, fans were speculating that there was trouble between the Iggy and Nick.  The reason is that Azalea celebrated her birthday with close gal pals on a vacation without the athlete. The "Team" singer also was seen without her massive diamond sparkler in several of her Instagram photos.

Iggy and NIck Young

In April, Azalea appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She spoke about the Internet controversy surrounding Young secretly being taped. She admitted that he was cheating with another woman. But at the same time, Iggy said she was still engaged and added, “We’re good. There isn’t any controversy at home, just on the Internet.”

Iggy and NIck Young

Do they break up?

Iggy Azalea announced on Sunday (June 19) that she and her groom Nick Young broke up. The rapper said that she still loves Young and wishes him the best. The reason behind the break-up is trust issues.

Azalea wrote on her Instagram: “Unfortunately although I love Nick and have tried and tried to rebuild my trust in him, it's become apparent in the last few weeks I am unable to. I genuinely wish Nick the best. It's never easy to part ways with the person you planned you're entire future with, but futures can be rewritten and as of today mine is a blank page."

It seems that Young confirmed the breakup on Twitter with a simple update: “Single.”

Iggy and NIck Young

So, Iggy and Nick finally broke up. We  wish them all the bests!

Watch the video and find out the truth about Nick’s cheating.

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