Are Nollywood actors rich?

Who are situated in the lucky list? Who managed to earn the most impressive sums during his career? Find all the answers in this article right now!

Nollywood richest actor

Who are Nollywood richest actors/actresses? Well if you have not known it yet you are just on the right page to find out the details and also the list of the top 10 wealthiest Nollywood actors.

Are Nollywood actors rich?

Are Nollywood actors rich

 We know a lot of Nollywood actresses and actors in this industry are just trying to do their best and not a lot of them really make as much money as they wish to. However, there are some individuals, who have reached a real success in starring.

These actors have got great success in the Nigerian movie industry. This list has very talented Nollywood actors, who have starred in a lot of Nollywood movies. This work let them earning so much money in short period of time.

How rich are Nollywood actors? Top 10 Richest Nollywood Actors

10. Pete Edochie with his $3.8 net worth

Pete Edochie

Legendary Nollywood actor, whose name is Pete Edochie is known for his broadcaster at the Eastern Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation long before his actor career. He began acting in 1980 with his lead role as Okonkwo in popular ‘Things Fall Apart’.  After that Pete Edochie became known as a talented actor, so he started getting different roles in soap operas and also in movies. He has starred in a lot of movies and he has also won numerous prestigious awards.

9. Nkem Owoh with his $3.9 net worth

Nkem Owoh

Nkem Owoh is a popular comical actor who began acting in the same 1980s. He also starred in the successful ‘Things Fall Apart’ and also ‘New Masquerade’, which was a very popular comedy TV series at that period of time. His most notable movies were A Fool at 40, Taboo, Ukwa, Spanner, Mr. Trouble, Ghana Must Go, Osuofia in London and a lot of others. Nkem Owoh managed to show comical characters very well in his movies. So it has taken him on the top of the movie industry in Nigeria.

8. John Okafor with his $4.2 net worth

John Okafor

John Okafor is better known as Mr.Ibu whom he became in 2004. It boosted his career and so ever since then John Okafor has been called Mr. Ibu. His wonderful roles in films let him show his talent. His featuring in some comic movies made him one of the richest actors in Nollywood.

7. Ramsey Noah with his $4.5 net worth

Ramsey Noah

Ramsey Noah is a romantic actor, who has been showing his acting skills in different films. The movie producers and a lot of Nigerian movie watchers just love him. He is a handsome actor, so he is often called ‘Nollywood Lover Boy’. Ramsey Noah began his acting career in 1993. Since then he has made a lot of money and gained fame for himself.

6. Mike Ezurounye with his $4.7 net worth

Mike Ezurounye

Mike Ezurounye was a successful banker before he started his acting career. His first film was called ‘Broken Marriage’ and since then he began starring in different movies. Mike also signed an endorsement deals with beneficial Glo Telecommunication Company and popular Airtel.

5. Segun Arinze with his $5.1 net worth

Segun Arinze

Segun Arinze is not only an actor; he is also a producer, director, singer, script writer. He gives his voice to some radio and TV commercials. Earlier he was called ‘Nollywood Bad Boy’. Segun Arinze became popular due to the soap opera called ‘Ripples’ in the 90s. Since then he has remained one of the most popular Nollywood actors.

4. Chidi Mokeme with his $7.0 net worth

Chidi Mokeme

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Chidi Mokeme is a famous Nigerian actor, handsome model and also a TV host. He began acting in 1995. He has reached success in his movie career. He reached top fame when he starred in the first two seasons of successful Nigerian Reality TV Show called Gulder Ultimate Search (or GUS).

3. Jim Iyke with his $8.0 net worth

 Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke is an actor and a successful businessman, he started his acting career in 2001. Jim Iyke has a profitable bottled water company, which is called ‘Burgeon Table Water’,  his own clothing line titled ‘Untamed Closet’ and he is also the founder of successful Jim lyke Foundation for Children with Special Disabilities.

2. Desmond Elliot with his $10 net worth

Desmond Elliot

Desmond Elliot is a popular Nollywood actor and also film director. He has starred and directed a lot od movies in Nollywood. He decided to go into politics in 2014. He is making profit from totally different sources as, for example, acting, endorsements, politics and directing. He tried and he won the Surulere Constituency, which was on the 11th of  April, 2015 during Nigerian General Elections.

1. Richard Mofe Damijo with his $15 net worth

Richard Mofe Damijo

Richard Mofe Damijo is a legendary Nollywood actor. He has already featured in hundreds of blockbuster films. He also works on radio and stars different TV commercials. Richard has signed some beneficial contracts with some companies and he is also an ex-commissioner for Culture and Tourism of Delta State.


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