Are Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan married?

Have you heard that Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan got married? Is this true? Read the article to find here all the information concerning Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan.

Happy couple

We have already seen doth of them with different partners, so it isn’t rather strange that they are together. So, as you may know that not long ago Daniel Ademinokan, famous far beyond Nigeria - all over the world outstanding movie director has left his wife Doris Simeon, with whom they actually were bringing up their only one child-son.

Daniel wasn’t seen being bored after the break-up, he left for the travelling abroad, where he actually met Stella Damasus. By the way, if you haven’t interested in that before, it’s worth mentioning that her husband Jaiye Aboderin was dead, so she left with two nice daughters. As for Daniel’s child, he lives abroad without his real mother.

Doris Simeon

Speaking about Doris Simeon reaction, on Facebook she posted some information, something like this:                 

 Actually she couldn’t understand what and why this managed to happen. She noted that she didn’t have any doubts in him or his behavior.  She did not suspect his dating someone else. The trust rate was extremely high. When she understood that something was wrong, she decided to talk with Daniel Ademinokan, but it was too late. He didn’t pick up the telephone or wanted to communicate and solve the problems in collaboration. In addition to this, his parents couldn’t but intervene in this relationship. They mainly started doing these things, as he didn’t want to talk to them.

Stella and Daniel

Doris Simeon also told that he said that she was guilty in policing him. It was a usual practice for him to leave the house for several days. After some time has passed he came back, the main aim of his coming was to take his son with him, so he decided to explain that the reason for such behavior was lack of money. So in some moment they noted that it was time  to leave this building, so telling Stella Damasus that he is going for a walk with his son. Instead of this he just took the son and left the area.

With friends

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Nowadays they both are considered to be gospel ministers. Stell a has the leading vocal position, whereas Daniel  Ademinokan is strumming the guitar. It can’t be even expressed how glad and enthusiastic Daniel Ademinokan now is.


In the interview he lacked so many words because of extreme gladness and also a desire to work together with Stella Damasus.

He praises God for the desire to spend time with Stella – to work, cooperate and have rest – all these things now could be done together.

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