Are Taylor Swift and Lee Min Ho dating?

Do you know who Taylor Swift is? And have you ever thought how many boyfriends she had? Today it is hard to hide something from others, especially if you are popular. Some Internet-sources confirm that now Taylor has a romance with Lee Min Ho.

she had a lot of romantic relationships during all the time.

Taylor Swift is 27 years old now, but still is one of the pop's top recording artists. She started her singer career at age 5, and at age 16, released her debut album. Like many other American “divas,” she had a lot of romantic relationships during all the time. 

For instance, during 2008, Mass Media claimed that Swift was dating Joe Jonas from the popular musical group The Jonas Brothers, but both of them affirmed that was a lie.

Also, it is known that Swift was romantically linked to actor Taylor Lautner, one of the protagonists of the Twilight saga. Then was a singer John Mayer, but only for a brief period, Glee stars Cory Monteith and Jake Gyllenhaal in 2010. In 2012 she dated Conor Kennedy and then One Direction's member Harry Styles, but all these relations did not last long.

In 2015 she met Calvin Harris. They seemed to be a perfect couple. Two young, rich and famous, on top of the music industry at the time. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were one of the most beautiful couples in the world of music, so far. The singer and the DJ have broken off their relations after 15 months.

They seemed to be a perfect couple

Not so far, Swift and Tom Hiddleston started dating, and he girls all around the world were baffled. They so surprised fans with their relationships and then surprised them with a loud break-up. Unfortunately, they broke up after a three-month romance, but during the interview the 35-year-old actor smiles and says that he and Taylor are still friends. So it seems that Tom is ready now to try to build close relations with someone else, and many of his fans can sigh with relief. Just only for now :)

they broke up after a three-month romance

The last rumor about a South Korean actor, singer and model Lee Min Ho and a favorite superstar Taylor Swift surprises their fans. This may be ridiculous, but it continues spreading like wildfire throughout the network. Lee Min-ho (the family name is Lee) became so incredibly popular with Boys Over Flowers in 2009. Also, he won several awards, including the Best New Actor award in the category of television.

It seems that Taylor Swift has her eyes on Lee Min Ho

So is Taylor dating anyone right now? It seems that Taylor Swift has her eyes on Lee Min Ho. What do you think, is it true or not? What may be even harder to believe is that this two can be already together! ... Or so they say at some reports. 

It all started with an article of Channel News Asia after Taylor Swift’s split with actor Tom Hiddleston. The Channel drew up a list of five worthy single men available for Swift to consider as her new partners. Of course, one of them was Lee Min Ho. Leonardo DiCaprio, Drake, G-Dragon, and Joseph Schooling were also mentioned as potential challengers.

Taylor Swift

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Other media quickly distributed this article, and somehow, the rumors began to melt away, and Taylor and Lee became partners without any privacy. According to the International Business Times, Lee’s agencies have recently confirmed that they are still together.

And what are your thoughts about that?

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