Are Tiwa Savage and Dr Sid lovers?

We all know and love Tiwa Savage and Dr Sid. But is it true that media says that they are in love with each other? Find out now!

dr sid tiwa savage

The two famous Nigerian singers Tiwa Savage and Dr. Sid are believed to have an affair. They didn’t want to talk about it before but now they finally have something to say.

Tiwa Savage actually has a husband. It was him who accused her of cheating on him with the other singer.

However, Tiwa herself didn’t admit it. She doesn’t understand the accusations and denies all he says. First she said that Dr. Sid and she were just working together.

During the interviews the singer explained that there was nothing between them and that they were just friends. They love working together and they appreciate each other’s talents.

But it didn’t go further than that. Dr. Sid wishes the couple all the best and he hopes they will make up and come back together.

The singer told the journalists that he was very annoyed by the behaviour of the media. However, it doesn’t mean that he is going to have conflicts with them.

He thinks that it’s not that important because it’s not him who is lying. He isn’t going to freak out and worry about stuff like that too much.

He doesn’t seem very upset about this situation anymore. Tiwa Savage says the same things in her interviews. They both think that media can sometimes try to interfere with your private life but you shouldn’t let it happen.

Dr. Sid

He is a famous Nigerian singer. His real name is Sidney Onoriode Esiri and right now he is 36. What is really exciting, his career is not only connected to music.

dr sid tiwa savage

Dr. Sid is also a professional doctor so he works as a dentist too. He comes from a very talented and creative family. He was brought up in the friendly atmosphere by a famous designer and an actor in Nigerian state of Lagos.

Both of his parents are talented and well-known.

Dr. Sid was growing up not alone. He also had three other siblings. Since his childhood he has always wanted to dedicate himself to something extraordinary.

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He showed himself as a very hard-working and talented child. However, he finally decided to study medicine after he graduated from school. And even though it’s not required to be creative, he still was very good at it.

Moreover, he participated in all kinds of cultural events.

Tiwa Savage

This singer is the same age as her colleague. Tiwa writes most of her songs herself and she also loves acting. Moreover, she writes the songs for other performers too.

Her first album came out about 3 years ago and she has become very successful since then. The next album saw the world two years later, in 2015.

dr sid tiwa savage

Both of them immediately became famous in Nigeria and Tiwa still has a lot of fans who listen to all her songs, even the old ones. The most well-known singles include "African Waist", "Folarin", Dr Sid Ft Tiwa Savage - Oyari and "Love Me (3x)".

However, not all of the singer’s songs are written in English. She is a representative of Yoruba ethnic group so she also sometimes sings in her native language.

Thanks to Tiwa Savage’s powerful voice, she has won a huge amount of MTV Awards.

Interesting facts and biography of Tiwa Savage

She comes from the same state as her friend Dr. Sid. However, she didn’t spend all her childhood in Nigeria as her parents decided to move to England when she was quite young.

There she started to be interested in music and that’s how her career actually began.

When she got older she also decided to move to America, where she could make all her dreams come true. However, she still considers Nigeria her motherland and she still loves it.

Even though Tiwa was into music, she decided to study something totally not artistic. Her major in the university was business. Therefore, later she got the job in a bank.

But the really talented and special people always get the second chance to release their talent. That’s exactly what happened to her. Tiwa got accepted to the music school and became a musician like she always wanted.

dr sid tiwa savage

The singer really enjoyed studying and she still misses the good old school days. Except the music skills that she gained, she also met a lot of good people who soon became her close friends.

Savage also describes the teachers as very nice professionals.

The two educations that she has received help her with her career a lot. This way she can better understand people and their desires in terms of music. She is a living evidence that anything is possible if you only want and really try.

One of the biggest musical events in the life of the singer was the show X factor which was held in England. At first she showed incredibly good results and she was actually close to getting in the 12 best singers of the project.

However, it never happened.

After she was excluded from the program she felt very depressed. It’s not surprising as it was a very important event that was supposed to change her life forever.

But in all her interviews she says that there is no point of complaining as it was a wonderful experience and she learnt a lot even by just being a part of it. She says that the career of a singer goes together with a lot of stress but it’s absolutely worth it.

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