Azealia Banks: who is she and why people troll her on social media?

Who is Azealia Banks and why do people troll her online? Learn more about this US female rapper.

Azealia Banks many a time has been the center of various social media buzz trolls. Her name has been mentioned in many Twitter posts and in the negative manner, too. Who is she and what is going on?

Who is Azealia Banks?

Who is Azealia Banks?

She is a young US female rapper. She was born in 1991. Azealia Banks also writes songs and performs them. She grew up in NY City in Harlem. When Azealia Amanda turned 17, she got signed with XL Recordings. In 2011 the girl got number one on the f NME’s  Cool List. Her first single was released in 2012, called “212”.

 Azealia Banks 2016

Why is Azealia Banks trolled on the Internet?

You can often read about Azealia Banks Twitter  trolls or fights. She has been known for starting rather controversial conversations with other celebrities on this social media. Millions of people seemed to catch up the fire and down talked the rapper. They wrote tweets about her skin color, her race, her ugliness, her bad style in outfits, etc.

The sad thing is that the community did not take a stand for her. Today many people talk down black women on social media and no one takes a stand for them. The community supports the black men no matter what they do. However, they let their women to be torn apart there and do nothing about it. That is a very sad and unacceptable situation.

Azealia Banks news

Surely Azealia Banks has many shortcomings, as well all do, but somehow people fail to talk of the good things she has and focus on the negative. She has a bright personality and real talent. The girl is smart and good. And despite all the fuss on Socials she is rich and successful, too!

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How much is Azealia Banks worth?

Azealia Banks worth

Azealia Banks net worth is another common matter of interest for the fans. In 2015 her net worth amounted to over 3 million dollars. Not bad for a Harlem girl! She has earned all that money by singing, writing songs and doing performances.

So, the next time you tweet about female rappers find something good to say and do stand out of the crowd on social media.

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