Banky W: No woman was sent to me by God!

What Banky W thinks of the women, who hear from God this: the musician is your husband to be?

Banky W

One of the means for women in Nigeria to get a good life is to marry a rich man. Banky W is one of the best-unmarried men in Nigeria and no wonder many girls are trying to get him. Some even say that God told them he is to marry them. Learn what his reaction was.

What Banky W says to the “God-sent” brides?

Bankole Wellington (such is the real name of Banky W) has turned to the social media to share some of the messages he receives from his female fans. Here is what one of them writes:

“Mr. Banky, I’m your wife says, God. I have been dreaming about you for 2 weeks now. Please come and take your thing provided by God.”

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Banky W 2016

And the musician gets tons of such emails, twitter messages, and texts daily. Here is what he thinks about it. He believes if God tells one person who would be their husband or wife, God would also say it to the other one.

Since Banky did not hear anything from God on this account, he considers all those “prophecies” to be false. “It’s a lie!”, Says Bankole. This bachelor is not that easy to get! You cannot trick him into marrying you.

Most likely he has taken this public step to disclose those messages to stop them from coming. Hopefully, those ladies would get real and come to their senses. He does not know them and is not going to marry someone based on the “prophesy”.

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