BasketMouth and his family were robbed in Lekki

BasketMouth was reportedly robbed at his home on September 7, 2016. What happened there? How are the comedian and his family now? Find out in the article.


No one would have expected that a famous Nigerian comedian would be robbed! However, this tragic even took place in the early hours of Wednesday. BasketMouth and his family were at home, when the robber broke into the house. They were heavily armed and threatened that they would shoot anyone he moved or said a word.

The family of BasketMouth whose real name is Bright Okpocha is all safe and healthy. They were really shocked when the burglars showed up. BasketMouth house in Lekki was robbed for the first time. The criminals left with all the valuable possessions of the celebrity and his family.

Basketmouth comedian

Even though the family of a comedian seems to be depressed, they are all happy that the robbers did not shoot them or cause any physical harm neither to parents nor to children. This whole situation took place in the middle of a big conflict between BasketMouth and OAP Freeze. What a stressful time for a Nigerian celebrity!

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The conflict started over a picture on a social network. Freeze posted some photo with the comedian’s wife and the picture was supposed to harm the image of the celebrity and hurt his feelings. However, BasketMouth does not look offended in any way, but rather disgusted with the ideas of the enemy to make him look very bad. Obviously trying to put an end to the conflict BasketMouth posted a new post stating how horrible OAP Freeze is acting and saying that this is an official end of the conflict on his side.

Basketmouth house

Meanwhile, the police are investigating the robbery case and more details will be provided by the celebrity soon. The previous information was provided by a close friend of the BasketMouth’s family, as the celebrity himself was either busy or too shocked to inform the publicity on what has happened to him and his loved ones. Follow his news here or on the social networks profiles of the celebrity.

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