Beyonce daughter: look how cute she is in pink!

How many likes did Beyonce daughter Blue Ivy got on the Instagram? Learn now.

Beyonce daughter

Beyonce is a very talented singer; she is famous and rich. But she also is a great mother of young Blue Ivy. Take a look at her new pink cuteness.

Beyonce daughter all in pink

Some of the photos on Beyonce Instagram feature her cute 4-year-old daughter Blue Ivy. This time the singer and the cutie’s aunt shared her in new pink style. The auntie thinks the girl is the born model. And no wonder she is. On these photos she wears a Gucci blouse worth over 330 UK pounds. It’s a costly outfit.

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These Instagram  photos of Jay Z’s daughter have gathered over 50 K likes. Looks like not only her mother and father are famous. This little lady gets used to fame and adoration from her early years. We can also find there a photo of the whole family: Jay Z, Beyonce and Blue Ivy on the singer’s Formation Tour. We wish her all the best and blessings.

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