Biography of Mercy Johnson Okojie: What should we know?

Did you want to find out more about famous and extremely demanded Nigerian actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie? You can get to know this information if you read the article.

Mercy Johnson Okojie

She was born in the family of a naval officer and a trader. There are seven children in her family and she is fourth of them. Because of her father being an officer, a family had to move a lot, so Mercy changed a couple of schools during her childhood.

When she was achieving her secondary education, she got her first cinema role, for which she was paid 50000 nairas. This role opened her a prospect of fame, recognition and a lot of fans. After that role, she was showered with lots of offers of other interesting roles.

She screened in more than 80 popular Nigerian films and received a number of awards for her distinguished work.

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Twice she was the first in a list of Most Searched Nigerian Celebrities. And it also demonstrates how successful and popular she is.

She also is prosperous in her private life. She met her future husband in the year 2008 and they got married in 2011. And a couple has three wonderful children: two daughters (Purity and Angel) and one son (Henry).

Mercy Johnson Okojie

Also, actress cares a lot about other people; she launched a charity organisation which helps widows and children called Mercy Johnson Foundation.

When she has free time, Mercy prefers spending time with her children, cooking or swimming. She finds a lot of joy in being a wife and mother. Her husband is a real hero for Mercy.

She loves reading a lot, and her favourite book was written by the American President Barack Obama, it is called Audacity of Hope.

So we can see that besides being an extremely popular and demanded actress, at the same time she is an ordinary woman, loving wife and provident mother.

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