Bobrisky biography: How had he become famous on Snapchat?

Interested in getting information about the Nigerian Snapchat star Bobrisky? Read the article.


We need to get acquainted with a dynamic Snapchat/Instagram client whose real name is Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, who is called Nigeria's male Barbie doll, however also called Bobrisky. We realize that the greater part of you all don't have the foggiest idea about this web sensation. In case you don't have any acquaintance with him, Bobrisky is a star of the Snapchat circle in Nigeria, called a male Barbie, furthermore the most well known Nigerian person on the social application.

He is one of those consistent children who is growing up needing to be the inverse sex, in any case, attempted to have that change until later. He became a real Internet sensation in Snapchat for a couple of last months, and now has more than 22, 000 perspectives consistently. Bobrisky is steadily turning into the most mainstream Nigerian on Snapchat, however, he will be detested by numerous Nigerian fames since he is getting more famous.


A week ago the web-based social networking fames got tongues swaying when he shared previews of the N7million presented to him by his boyfriend. Now a man lives in Lekki Lagos state but later he is going to move to Banana Island to a house presented by his secret boyfriend near the house of Linda Ikeji. The male who looks more like a female is outstanding as a fashionista, he gets a kick out of the chance to talk grimy and post trite stuff,but still his fans love him very much. In his mid-twenties he is an out-and-proud.

Some people suppose he is just pretending to be gay and dressing like a woman just to get benefits for his business. He speaks in a charismatic tone and looks very attractive. All these facts make people talk about him. Also, he usually tells different captivate stories and it attracts the attention of people of both sexes.

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