Bukky Ajayi is dead! – Is there another death in Nollywood?

Is there another death at Nollywood? This time it is the veteran actress Bukky Ajayi.

Bukky Ajayi is dead!

Another Nollywood sad news about the death of the actress. This time it is a veteran actress from Nigeria.

Is Bukky Ajayi dead?

This woman was a very famous and appreciated veteran Nollywood actress. She earned several prestigious awards, including Industry Merit Award of AMVCA. People used to call her Mama Bukky Ajayi for her role in the Village Headmaster filmed back in the 70s.

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This year some death in Nollywood were related to the series. Now it’s her time. Bukky Ajayi passed away at the age of 82. She grew up in the Christian family, but later on converted to Islam. Bukky got her education at Institute of Drama in London, UK. For now the causes of her death are unknown.

It’s so sad when talented people die, but she has left a worthy heritage for all of us. R.I.P. Mama Bukky Ajayi!

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