Celebrities' wardrobe malfunctions: What are the most hilarious?

This article only proves once again that celebrities’ wardrobe malfunction happens quite often like with other ordinary people.

Celebrities' wardrobe malfunctions

British bobsleigh driver Gillian Cooke ripped her suit at the world Championships in Switzerland during the start.

Gillian Cooke

Italian swimmer Flavia Zoccari had to be withdrawn from the competition on the Mediterranean games in Pescara, Italy after her suit cracked.

Flavia Zoccari

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, showing off the swimwear collection, intentionally or accidentally showed everyone her boobs.

Naomi Campbell

When TV presenter Mary Nightingale wore this dress, she didn't know that Michael Barrymore would decide to raise her up.

 Mary Nightingale

The author of books about Harry Potter J. K. Rowling opened fully during the autograph session at the school.

J. K. Rowling

Angelina Jolie has infuriated critics when she came to the presentation of awards of Guild of film actors in a blue dress from the Max Azria wearing it backward.

Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Lopez had to seal her dress with a pin during a photo shoot in New York.

Jennifer Lopez

The channel "BBC" received complaints from angry viewers when the host of "Point of view" Terry Wogan appeared on the screen in too tight pants.


Wellington (New Zealand), singer Fergie incendiary sang, danced, sexually moved her hips and seems to not even know about her little problem with clothing. It is possible that she found out only a few hours later — thanks to the ubiquitous wardrobe malfunction pics made by photographers and posted on the Internet.


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Film actress Sophie Marceau has failed with a silk dress. During the traditional walk down the red carpet of the Cannes film festival, Marceau’s dress strap jumped down, exposing the left breast. Marceau did not immediately draw attention to the strap, and when noticed — she pretended that nothing happened, and even laughed at herself.

Sophie Marceau

At the premiere of the Harry Potter where Emma Watson plays Hermione, she was wearing sexy mini dress black lace V-neck on the back. However, this episode can be added to wardrobe malfunction gallery as she tried to play it safe and glue it to the back of the body with transparent double-sided tape. But the omnipresent paparazzi didn’t miss this fact.

Emma Watson

Actress Katherine Heigl during the ceremony, the ShoWest in Las Vegas took from the hands of the leading an award for achievements in film and at the same time one of the straps of her red dress broke. As a result, Katherine had to hold the dress by hand during her acceptance speech before the audience.

Katherine Heigl

Actress and model Pamela Anderson imprudently raised her hands, forgetting that wore a too short dress. As a result, all of the surroundings had the opportunity to admire the lingerie of the star.

Pamela Anderson

"What is it – transparent blouse? Nightgown? Underwear?" - guessing by fashion critics after the appearance of Christina Ricci in public in a strange outfit. And it's true – to call her clothes as a dress is impossible.

Christina Ricci

Dead from a drug overdose Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith had the opportunity to show everyone her silicone boobs during the annual awards ceremony in the gaming sector G-Phoria Award. Wide straps of her dress accidentally slipped off the shoulder.

Anna Nicole Smith

Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr during the show "Fashion Fest" appeared in a light colored dress with a skirt of different length, so that not only the model's legs were completely open...

Miranda Kerr

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker went to one of New York's restaurants, but suddenly the wind tightly held her pink dress to the body, than immediately ubiquitous paparazzi took advantage of the...

Jessica Parker

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