Celebrity fails: what are the funniest ones?

We all love fails captured on camera and posted on well known websites, for example, YouTube. More particularly, the fails and humiliating minutes of superstars are the most searched topics on the Internet. So, let's take a look at 10 celebrity fails.

These rich and glorious people have favored us with numerous snapshots of them tumbling off their demi-god platforms and demonstrating us they are human, just like us. Underneath the popularity and sparkling lights, they are regular individuals; yet, it's still entertaining when they are caught in situations that are not as flawless or elegant.

Nicki Minaj argued with Miley Cyrus

What can be better than a battle between the bad girls Nicki and Miley in front of an audience? During the interview with The New York Times concerning the VMA's, Miley reffered to Nicki's tweet about Taylor Swift being too skinny. Although Nicki and Taylor had resolved this conflict, Miley said that Nicki is not very kind and not respectful. Nicki was quite offended.  After getting her award, Nicki started her speech by expressing gratitude toward her fans and afterward continuing to call Miley the B-word for discussing her to the press. “What's good, Miley?”, She said.  All things considered, Miley rapidly backpedaled at her and said, "We're all in this industry, we as give interviews and know how to manipulate."

Nicki and Miley

Fergie peed her pants

Artists on tours probably are on a very tight timetable that doesn't allow them to eat well, make telephone calls, take part in the interviews, and even go to the toilet. In 2005, the Black Eyed Peas had to appear in front of an audience, and Fergie didn't have sufficient time to make a restroom trip. She chose to go ahead with the show. She must have been dancing and jumping a lot because she finally couldn't hold it anymore and let it free right on the stage in front of the audience. She continued with the show like nothing had happened. However, everybody could see a huge wet stamp from the front and the back.

Fergie peed her pants

Janet Jackson showed her nipple

During the Super Bowl, Janet Jackson performed on stage with Justin Timberlake. They were singing the well'known song "Rock Your Body" and completely connected with the audience. After Timberlake sang the lyrics about a naked woman, he pulled Janet's jacket down so everybody could see her nipple. This notorious incident earned many epithets, for example, "Nipplegate." For Timberlake, this incident played a big role because it kept him on top of his career. For Janet, however, it never became a good thing. She couldn't bear the humiliation.

Janet Jackson showing nipple

Iggy Azalea fell off stage

At the pre-VMA Show in Los Angeles in 2014, Iggy was playing out her famous song "Fancy". During the performance, she moved in a reverse direction and tumbled off stage. However, she didn't stop singing even on the ground! The show must go on, huh? After that, Iggy returned on stage and continued the song. She was almost laughing at herself. Well, we are happy that Iggy didn't break her leg and she is safe and sound now!

Milli Vanilli lip syncing

Milli Vanilli's careers begun when a lyricist Frank Farian was searching for the ideal front men for his album. Every vocalist who ventured before him didn't have what he was searching for until Robert Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan strolled into his life. The main drawback was that these god-like looking men had no singing abilities at all. Farian found a route around it. They were delightful in front of an audience and ladies ran to them. After three straight number one hits, Milli Vanilli's profession finishing performance happened at an MTVs in 1989. Their hit melody "Girl You Know It's True" skipped and continued rehashing the verse "girl you know it's true… " again and again. They weren't singing! Even two decades later, they are still associated with their epic lip syncing.

Milli Vanilli

Katy Perry fakes playing flute

Katy Perry definitely doesn't have any abilities in correct timing. When she was performing a song "Big Pimpin", she played some parts on her flute. However, when she stopped playing the notes kept going on. Katy looked very ashamed and started crying. She apologized to the audience after a show wrote in her Twitter that it all was a joke. Well... Do you think being fake is funny, Katy?

Jennifer Lawrence tripped and fell during Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence is that young lady everybody needs to be companions with. Her adorable identity has caught America’s attention after her part in The Hunger Games. In 2013, Lawrence won the Best Actress award at the Oscars for her part in "Silver Linings Playbook." Her dress was delightful but produced from a very heavy material. After coming down the stair to accept her award, she stumbled and fell. She hung her head down in humiliation for a minute, not having any desire to confront the audience. However, she pulled it together and proceeded up the stairs. Everybody stood up and started applauding her.

Jennifer Lawrence fell

Selena Gomez cursed during the show

Selena Gomez is the sweet girl of Disney Channel and a long-lasting love of Justin Biever. In front of an audience at the 2013 Jingle Ball Concert in Los Angeles, Gomez experienced some technical problems with sound and obviously said "What the $%&!" into the amplifier. She immediately attempted to bounce back by apologizing and telling the fans that the sound wasn't working. She was so humiliated after what she had done that she walked out after singing one song instead of two. Selena has fans twice younger than her and they heard her cursing during the holiday show as well as understood that she was lip syncing.

Ashlee Simpson is another fake artist

Jessica Simpson's sister wanted her place in the music workd so she gained it with edgy looks and rock vibes. In 2004, she began her performance with her hit melody "Pieces of Me" and then... Hold on, what? That is correct. Another lip synchronizing artist busted. To play off her humiliation, Ashlee began doing some strange party move. When she understood the embarrassment was a lot for her to get-together, she just ran away from stage. Toward the end of the show, Ashlee joined the cast and apologized for her band playing the wrong tune.

Ashlee Simpson

Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech

Kanye West is known for his rap music, clothes line, his wife Kim Kardashian and for giving extraordinary drop-ins on acceptance speeches. Once, he intruded on Taylor Swift while she was giving a speech for Best Female Video at the 2009 VMA's. He came to the stage, took the microphone and slammed the pronounced that Beyoncé ought to have won that honor. Taylor looked completely confounded and humiliated. She was simply beginning to build up her career as a pop star. He delayed in front of an audience. Beyoncé and Jay-Z looked staggered and humiliated. When he left the stage and Swift was standing there alone, the crowd cheered to pay tribute to her.

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