Celebrties who are photoshoping their photos for Instagram, who are they?

Have you ever thought of celebrities who have to photoshop their pictures to look better? If so, you are probably right. Check out this article to make sure.

celebrities photoshopped

For some unexplainable reasons, certain number of celebrities, who are ought to be role model s and give inspiration to their followers to be themselves change and touch their photos on the Instagram. This fact is really heartbreaking, as it show how unsure they are about their bodies and that they also depend on some beauty standards set by other celebrities.

Let us show you some of the celebrities who have been caught photoshopping their Instagram pictures.


Beyonce is one of the most influential women in the modern word. She is a role model for millions of people, and her Instagram is pretty popular, it currently has 79.1 million subscribers. Here are some unsuccessful photosopped photos from her account.

Try to center your attention on the marked area. It’s easy to see one of the lines on the steps is wrong. It’s not hard to guess that this picture was photoshopped to make her legs look slimmer. Was that so bad to make a bad editing to it?

beyonce knowles

And again, we have the same situation on the second picture. Look attentively on the wine glass and iphone on the table. It is too clear to see that the phone’s form is not correct. Like at the first time, it was made so Beyonce’s legs looked thinner.

beyonce knowles

Beyonce playing golf with her strange legs. This third photo shows bad photoshopping even better than 2 previous. Unfortunately, Beyonce tries to convince people that her legs are slimmer than they are.

beyonce knowlrs

The bad part is not only bad photo editing. The bad part is that they demonstrate that they try to match with some Hollywood or fashion standards at the time when they can set these standards themselves.

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Kim Kardashian

Eccentric Kanye West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, is also a woman with huge world influence and she sets the standards for a physical appearance these days. She is not a singer or an actress; however her Instagram is very popular. It currently has 78 million subscribers. Take a look at her photoshopped pictures.

The original version of this picture does not actually show any bad editing or editing at all. But her pictures in the same dress later that day looks a little different. If you compare her hips on these two pictures you will easily see some photoshopping. Her hips are squeezed and it is obvious.

kim kardashian

The only thing you should look at on the second picture is the door on the background. It is not hard to see that it has a strange form. Unfortunately, Kim Kardashian is afraid to show people the real size of her hips.

kim kardshian

Britney Spears

Britney Spears was a sex-diva in the early 2000s, but then she left scene to give birth to her child. When she returned, some of her old fans were shocked by her appearance, as she gained a lot of weight. A little later she seemed to lose some weight and even created a few hit-songs. Britney’s Instagram has 12 million followers. It’s less than 2 previous, but 12 million is a big number anyway.

Some people look at the picture and claim that she drew herself some abs pack. It is obvious that this abs is not real, but it could be painted on her body for the scene, so it is impossible to say that this is photoshop.

britney spears

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the most popular singer nowadays, her videos collect billions of views and she has some serious world influence. Her personal life is under serious fans’ attentions. Swift’s Instagram currently is even more popular than Beyonce’s, it has 86.6 million subscribers.

Take a look at this picture. Nothing seems to be wrong, Taylor is having a rest with her friends on the boat, but if you look a little left from her, you’ll see that the background looks strange. Unfortunately, this warping part of the phot proves that it was photoshopped.

taylor swift

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