Check out a new car of Emmanuel Emenike. How much does it cost?

The famous Nigerian football player has bought a new car. He refers to it as a gift for himself. Find out which car he bought and read some interesting stories about his life!

Emmanuel Emenike

Famous Nigerian footballer became a happy owner of the new car! Recently Emmanuel Emenike has entered into a contract with Turkey his income has increased dramatically!

So right now Nigerian athlete can afford buying luxury cars like G-Wagon. The cost of the new auto is more than N60 million. Emmanuel doesn’t seem shy about it. Moreover, he sees it as a gift for himself.

Car of Emmanuel Emenike looks really gorgeous so check it out! According to the latest news, footballer is in relationship with Iheoma Nnadi.

Can you believe it?!

28-year-old Nigerian footballer has been through a lot of tough situations in his life. Some of them sound even unrealistic and you would normally only see that kind of things in the movies.

However, even the scariest and the weirdest events in your life can be turned into exciting stories that you can share with others. Even though Emenike’s life doesn’t seem really easy, there is a lot to tell!

For instance, he had to spend some time in prison because Turkish judges didn’t believe that his injury was real. What is more, Emmanuel was shot by an actual terrorist once!

And later people accused him of hiding his real age and using the fake passport. The cost of Emenike’s car is just huge! But has he always been so rich?

His career hasn’t started right away – he comes from a poor family and there were times in his life when he had nowhere to live. He also survived in a horrible car accident.

And even in his late twenties Emenike had to face the racist bullies who caused him even more problems. Speaking of the first case of injustice, it happened to him back in 2011.

That year footballer was playing for Karabukspor. However, it didn’t work out that well for him. Just in two month he had to deal with problems – he was believed to have missed the important match because he faked the injury.

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There was a long investigation which eventually proved that the athlete wasn’t guilty but he still had to spend some time in actual prison.

When Emmanuel talks about his experience, it’s hard not to notice how terrified he felt back then.

The coaches thought that the doctor’s verdict would have saved the situation but apparently it wasn’t good enough for Turkish experts.

Even after the legal paper was shown to the authorities, many of them still doubted and agreed to put the sportsman in jail. After a while he was released though.

Emmanuel Emenike

Emmanuel Emenike remembers every day of his imprisonment. He says “...it was like a nightmare...”. How would you react if someone put you away to prison but you haven’t even committed any crime?

It’s hard to imagine how the athlete felt. Even though he spent just 4 days in there, the Turkish authorities couldn’t state their verdict for another 2 years!

The investigation kept on going and no one knew how it would have turned out. Now the sportsman thanks God for letting him go through that tough situation. He believes that he was the only one who helped him recover.

After the problem was solved the footballer received an invitation from the Russian club called Spartak Moscow. He hoped it would have changed his life a lot and gave him more career opportunities.

However, he had problems with it too. Unfortunately, Emmanuel became a victim of bullying.

During most of the matches the fans of the opposite team would insult him because he stood out so much among the other Russian players.

And when the athlete didn’t want to deal with the abuse issues anymore he showed them an offensive gesture. As it’s strictly forbidden in football to react to someone’s words this way, he got fined.

So after his experience with the Russian footballers, Emmanuel Emike decided to leave Spartak Moscow and came back to Fenerbahce in 2013.

The club really appreciated him as a player and he actually helped his team to win in a lot of matches. However, even when life seemed pretty fine something horrible happened to Nigerian sportsman again.

When he was on his way to the airport the unknown terrorist tried to shoot the car he and the other players were in. Even though the athletes were not shot the driver has suffered a lot.

This is when everyone started to panic and it was really difficult to figure out what to do. The driver was basically shot and all the players witnessed it.

Emmanuel Emenike

The psychological shock that everybody had to go through was terrible to put into words. And this story leads us to another, similar one. When Emmanuel was a child he also got in the car accident with his mother.

However, both of them survived. Since his early childhood he has always wanted to pursue the career of a football player. Unfortunately, his family didn’t support him financially and morally.

So he decided to run away because all he cared about was his dream. And life isn’t a fairytale – there were a lot of problems the young footballer had to face. He had no money and no friends.

Sometimes he had no place to sleep so he just spent the nights in restaurants’ floors. Today Emmanuel laughs that his parents only wanted him to be a businessman. And they didn’t care about his dreams and hobbies.

Every time he would say something about his wish to play football the parents would get really mad. Sometimes they would also forbid him to do it. However, in a few years he could finally afford becoming a real football player.

Later he started to play for FC Cape Town where he didn’t get much money. However, it was a great experience anyways. After that he joined the Turkish club Karabukspor which was followed by another unpleasant event.

People thought he was lying about his age. He was claimed to have a fake passport stating that he was 24 when he was believed to be 31. Sometimes we have a lot of problems but the only thing we can do is take it easy!

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