Check out amazing photos from Eniola Badmus' 39th birthday celebration!

How did Eniola Badmus celebrate her Birthday? That was quite spectacular! See the picture here!

Eniola Badmus birthday

Eniola Badmus is an amazing actress and a beautiful woman. You probably would never guess how old she is at the moment. However, on September 7, 2016, she has turned thirty-nine. Unbelievable, is not it?

Anyway, Eniola Badmus’ Birthday was celebrated in the circle of her friends and close ones. Considering the importance of the event, the actress has decided to throw a huge party for her friends!

Eniola Badmus birthday party was in style. The friends of the celebrity took pictures in glasses of enormous size and different posters and another thing. The party made quite a fuss after Eniola Badmus uploaded photos from this even on her social networks along with the pictures of her friends that came to celebrate with her. Here are the pictures they posted to brag about birthday celebration of Eniola Badmus thirty-ninth Birthday! Stay well, Eniola Badmus! We wish you all the best.

Eniola Badmus birthday party

However, if the name of Eniola Badmus does not ring a bell with you, here is a short information about the actress who has just turned 39. Eniola Badmus is an actress from Nigeria that came to fame after she starred in a movie called “Jenifa” eight years ago. She was born on September 7 in 1977 in a happy, quiet family. When she was a child her close ones saw her love to acting and theatric arts, but they would never think she would choose this as her principal occupation.

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However, after completing her secondary and primary education in her native Ogun State where she spent the early years as well as her adolescence, she entered the University of Ibadan. That is when her journey into the world of theater and acting started. Her major was Theatre Arts. However, thanks to the influence of her close ones, she ended up getting her Master’s degree in Economics (probably they wanted to stay on the safe side and make sure she will make it in life).

Eniola Badmus pictures

Even though she was engaged with acting long before she became famous, Eniola Badmus only became known to a wide circle of people after she played two leading roles in movies produced by Yoruba directors. The names of the films that brought her fame are “Jenifa” and “Omo Ghetto”.

However, her career was not only limited by acting in Yoruba films but also in several English ones. Among other films she played in are “Child Seller”, “Eefa”, “Oreke Temi”, “Blackberry Babes”, “Mr. & Mrs. Ibu”, “Adun Ewuro”, and “Wicked Step-mother”.

Being a gifted actress, Eniola Badmus, or how some of her fans call her “a plus-size actress”, has also won several awards including 2011 Best of Nollywood Awards for a Best Crossover in a Film, 2011 Best of Nollywood Awards for the Best Actress of the Year (Yoruba), and 2015 Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts for the Best Actress in Africa (2015). Eniola Badmus is determined to conquer the stage and is not willing to stop on what she has already achieved. And that is what her friends wished her on her 39th birthday they came to celebrate with her on September 7. Check out their pictures here.

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