Check out Charly Boy talking to the dead in his new photos

Have you seen Charly Boy new photos? Read the article and have a look at his virgins, who help him talking to the dead.

His majesty

If you haven’t got acquainted with Charly Boy yet, then after reading this article you will have all the needed information about Charly Boy.

Charly Boy is a Nigerian singer, television star, songwriter, producer, and most important, a person who can entertain his fans. Generally, he is known by his special style – of life, of views on the surrounding events, also politics, and media projects. In particularly, the majority of us may have some common knowledge about him by watching his TV program – Charly Boy Show.

Charly Boy

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His released songs, in cooperation with his cousin Dr. Alban, become real hits in Nigeria and not only. Speaking about his appearance and outlook, he is famous by the radical changes, for example, androgyny, large number of tattoos, piercing, dyed hair, deadlocks, gothic-punk style etc. Subsequently, he has created a new music style – combination of Afrobeat and pop music of Africa.

His virgin

Speaking in context of his newly published photos, here we can see him with his virgins. He calls himself as a phenomenon – Charles Emeka Oputa, then there we can find his alter ego, but feminine one – Linda, and also his spiritual warrior – Odudubariba.

Creative Charly

Publishing the photos he wants to show his new changes – the reinvention of his personality. The aim of his deeds and existence he dedicates to the spiritual inspiration, which he gives to both young people and adults. This way he reassures them that they have to believe in their dreams and don’t give up on the way of achieving success.

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