Check out Davido feat. Tinashe - ‘How Long’ music video

Davido and Tinashe latest news. What new work did they present? The fans are in shock! Brief story and music video of the latest Davido feat Tinashe work is already here! Do not miss it!

Davido and Tinashe

After cooperation with Far East Movement on their successful ‘Freal Luv’, Tinashe decided to work with Davido on their ‘How Long’ hit. The new video impressed the fans as it Davido and Tinashe made it extremely beautiful.

Davido feat Tinashe

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‘How Long’ music video was shot in Malibu. It was created as a beautiful black-and-white, where Tinashe was riding a horse and having some intimate moments with her co-star on the deserted beach. The lyrics or this song helps viewers dive into this private and romantic atmosphere.

‘How Long’ music video

Davido told their collaboration and how they blended various genres in his recent interview with Noisey. He told that he recorded that hit about a year ago. Then one of the executives at Sony International played it to Tinashe, and so the executive asked Davido if he would like to put her on that record. A singer thought it was a wonderful idea. So they just did it. They shot this video in Malibu. And so Davido feat. Tinashe video became very beautiful. 

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