Check out Emily Ratajkowski dansing braless and eating a huge cake

Do you want to see braless beauty Emily Ratajkowski dancing and kidding around? Check out video with one of the most beautiful models of our time here! Do not miss it!

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski is certainly in love with her own body. She treats it right, feel every move and pose. No wonder she has become a muse for famous photographer Dean Freeman on his latest ‘Candy’ series video. The lady leaves very little to the imagination in her ‘24 Horas’ trailer.

She was wearing a sexy cutoff shirt and nice hotpants, the star of ‘Blurred Lines’ video dances by the pool. She takes a giant bite of a smiley-face cake, shocking her fans around the world. Can we talk about Emily Ratajkowski diet any longer?

Emily Ratajkowski candy

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Emily has always been outspoken over the double standards surrounding ladies and their sexuality. Emily Ratajkowski style is always something to talk about. She says it is 2016. Why do people keep trying to tell what women should wear? The model thinks everyone can make his own choice.

Emily Ratajkowski and cake

Emily Ratajkowski also told in the hones interview to the Harper’s Bazaar this year that the she can’t understand why women today need to apologize for being, they are taking something away from her, it's wrong. She says that desire is normal, sex is normal, attention is normal, and that all is okay. Emily Ratajkowski always tries to protect ladies from discrimination. 

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