Check out Kcee's huge shoe collection

Why did Kcee shock his fans? What did they see in his snapchat photos? Brief Kcee’s biography and the latest photos are already gathered here! Do not miss it!

Kcee images

This famous performer, who is well- known as Kcee (sometimes journalists writeas KCee), is considered to be one of the most stylish Nigerian singer and also songwriter. Kcee was began his music career in the Hip Hop band, which was called Kc Presh. Now he has a record contract with Five Star Music. However, more and more often the news about him includes Kcee images and the words about his stylish appearance.

Kcee shoes

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Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo or Kcee was born on the 18th April 1979. His career jumped up, when he began working with Del B, who is a record producer known for working on ‘Limpopo’ (which is Kcee song). By the way, the fans love Kcee ‘Limpopo’ song. It has already become very popular in Nigeria.

Kcee and his favourite partner and also friend Presh managed to make a huge impact in the music industry as a band. They worked together for about 12 years. As the music partners they got a few recognition until 2011 when they started their own career lines, but not together anymore. They both featured for the Star Quest TV reality show together and managed to win the show.

Kcee and his shoes

Since then, a lot of people have started to pay attention to Kcee Instagram and his look. He is considered as a very stylish celeb, who knows what fashion is. A few days ago Kcee used his snapchat to share the close up photos of his huge shoe closet. The fans were impressed. Well, a performer needs to look stylish, doesn’t he?

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