Check out Kim Kardashian in a shocking transparent dress on Kanye's show

Check out new photos of Kim wearing her new sexy black dress in Miami.


Arriving in Miami, Kim Kardashian does not let her fans relax for a single day and every time she goes outside, she surprises people and especially her fans more and more.

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She arrived in Miami with Kanye on his show.


Only for the first day at the seaside, the star of the reality show changed a few outfits, and every next was more openly previous. And after that, Kim went to the concert with Kanye. The couple has captured themselves in the nightclub toilet — needless to say, that this picture has gathered many enthusiastic reviews.


But Kim decided to go even further. The mother of two opted, perhaps, one of the most revealing and sexy outfits of all that ever was.

The 35-year-old star appeared in a transparent black dress, through which you could see the bikini and naked thighs and buttocks. Of course, it couldn’t be without a deep neckline.


The effect also added hair extensions and a perfect bronze tan, which is Kim, by the way, recently boasted, put a photo of herself naked in Snapchat.

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