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Tiwa Savage

A famous Nigerian star has new photos to share with her fans. Tiwa Savage looks gorgeous just like she always does. If you are a fan of her you will definitely enjoy her new sexy photos.

At the meantime, you might find it interesting to find out more about Nigerian star.

Tiwa Savage’s real name is Tiwatope Savage-Balogun. She was born in 1980 and currently she is a singer and an actress. Moreover, most of her songs are written by herself.

Right now she works together with Sony/ATV Music Publishing. She signed one of the most important contracts in her career back in 2012. Later, in 2016 she signed another contract with Roc Nation.

Tiwa is also famous for writing the song "Collard Greens & Cornbread" which made another Nigerian singer Fantasia Barrino popular.

Mavin Records worked a lot with her and it doesn’t seem like they are going to stop. She released the first album three years ago and it was called Once Upon a Time.

The most famous songs out of this album were “Kele Kele Love” and "Without My Heart". The world saw the second album of Tiwa Sawage in 2015 and it became extremely popular in Nigeria.

She loves to sing in two languages which are Yoruba and English. Tiwa has won a huge amount of awards such as MTV Africa Music Award and a lot of others.

Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage was born in Nigeria, Lagos state. But when she was a young girl her parents decided to move to London.

She started playing music when she was 11 and trombone was the first instrument that she learned to play at school. Tiwa is a really open-minded and kind person.

Some people say it’s because she has travelled a bit and she has lived in different places where a lot of cultures rub shoulders and different people can get along together.

She also lived in the United States which provided her with even more life experience. Savage attended the University of Kent where she studied business. After she graduated she decided to work in the bank.

Tiwa Savage

The first place where she occupied the position of bank manager was The Royal Bank of Scotland. When she was a teenager she was already a great singer.

Tiwa performed with famous musicians such as George Michael, Emma Bunton and Kelly Clarkson. When she grew up there were even more famous people she got to know and who she started to work with.

For example, 50 Cent, Eminem and Sting.

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When Savage was tired of working in the bank she realized she needed something else. She wanted to do what she really liked and what she was good at.

Therefore, when the Nigerian songwriter turned 27 she decided to apply for college to study music. It was a great decision as it’s never too late to study.

The experience at Berklee College of Music helped her become a professional performer and made her a better singer.

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa says that her biggest inspiration was the other students who were really dedicated and curious. She really liked this college and she recommends anyone who wants to study music to go there.

Even though everyone was really friendly, the teacher were still sort of strict because they wanted to make sure that every student gets the best out of this experience.

When she is asked about her business career, she says that she doesn’t regret quitting it because now she has an opportunity to enjoy her job which is very important in order to be a happy person.

Savage also took part in X Factor but unfortunately she couldn’t make it to the end.

When she is talking about her experience on this project, she keeps on saying that it was really hard. Not the contest itself though.

She says that your behaviour when people tell you sad news is really important – you need to act in a certain way. You need to really concentrate and not get too emotional.

The worse thing is to admit that you have lost. But the audience isn’t supposed to see how bad you feel at that very moment. In 2009 the singer signed another important contract.

Tiwa Savage

That’s how her career of a songwriter officially began. Fantasia Barrino, Monica and Mýa and a lot of other performers were her clients. One of the songs she wrote even earned a Grammy.

She really loves writing for different singers. However, she admits that the best thing is to write something for herself. She feels incredible when she is singing about her own feelings and her own thoughts.

A very interesting fact is that the singer worked with Whitney Houston once when she did background vocals.

From 2011 her career started to go up really fast. For example, in the beginning of 2011 she was invited to host Nigerian Idol together with another celebrity IllRymz. And that’s when she began acting too.

Her first role was in For Coloured Girls. Africa and especially Nigeria is really proud to have such a talented woman to represent the country in the world.

Tiwa Savage is not only a great performer but also a really kind and caring person. She is trying to help the poor and the sick. Moreover, she is also financially supporting those who have cancer.

Tiwa is also trying to make sure that her hometown has more opportunities for kids to become successful. So in case you haven’t seen Tiwa Sawage photos, you need to do it! She looks awesome.

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