Check out nude photos of pregnant Blac Chyna

Famous American model Blac Chyna has posed naked recently! Check out the photos of the pregnant celebrity for the cover of the magazine.

Blac Chyna nude photos

It seems like Blac Chyna is following the path of Kim Kardashian! Her nude photos became the cover of the Paper magazine.

This scandalous photoshoot will surely increase the popularity of the upcoming show Rob & Chyna! The only things American star is wearing are the headband and a suit!

The reason why Black Chyna nude photos have shocked everyone is that she is pregnant right now. That’s why the photos look especially exclusive. People argue if these pictures can actually be called sexy or not.

But Chyna does look really attractive and hot on those! Just like Kim Kardashian, she isn’t ashamed of anything. She is more of a woman who is proud to show off her body.

There is even more irony in this situation as Chyna is about to become Kardashian herself. She is marrying Rob Kardashian quite soon which all of her fans are really excited about.

Moreover, they are also making a show about them. In the trailer of the new show you can get that the main point of it will be to tell the world the love story of two American celebrities.

But it will show not only their attraction and gratitude to each other but also the way they deal with problems. It will be fair to say that it isn’t that easy to build a good quality relationship.

So these guys will make sure that you will enjoy watching their everyday life. Pregnant Blac Chyna seems really excited about it!

Blac Chyna nude photos

However, after people saw this photo shoot where she is showing the baby bump to the entire world, not everybody seemed to have liked it.

A lot of critics and fans say that the couple is very cute and the idea of making the show is really great. However, some people think she shouldn’t have made the pictures. First of all, it’s something intimate.

And then she is basically copying Kim Kardashian. And that’s what really bothers the fans of Kim. It has been two years since Kardashian has posed naked for the magazine. But everyone still remembers it!

There are those who think that all these moves are attempts to become more popular so that people can start talking about you more often. Were the photos of Blac Chyna meant to increase her popularity?

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We don’t know if it’s the real goal of the celebrities but apparently it works pretty well. In case you don’t want to miss the new Rob & Chyna show, turn on E channel on 11 September!

Blac Chyna – Life and facts

 The celebrity’s real name is Angela Renée White. However, right now world knows her as Blac Chyna. She was born in 1988 in the Unites States of America.

She has been mostly working as a model but she has tried herself at other jobs too. She became famous after getting in the huge number of hip hop and rap music videos.

Blac Chyna nude photos

Few years ago she also became a businesswoman by opening her own makeup brand called Lashed.


Back in 2010 Chyna worked as a stripper.  However, she decided to move on and became a model. At first her nickname was Cream but then she changed it to Blac Chyna. There is also a story behind it.

When she was working in the night club she met the client who named himself that way because his skin colour was black but the eyes looked Chinese.

The same year she received even more career opportunities – a lot of magazines invited her to pose for the cover. So you can see Chyna in Dimepiece magazine, Straight Stuntin' Magazine and Black Men's magazine too.

Chyna gained more popularity when Kanye West invited her to play the role of Nicki Minaj in his music video for the song Monster. One year later American celebrity received an award at the Urban Model Awards.

And after that a lot of other hip-hop performers started inviting her to join the cast of their videos. That’s how she met Tyga who changed her life completely.

Few other famous magazines where Chyna posed back in 2012 included Black Men's magazine, XXL Magazine, Urban Ink Magazine and others.

Blac Chyna nude photos

By the end of the year, Blac Chyna was noticed by Nicki Minaj who invited her to feature for her new track "Come On A Cone".

The two girls looked really cool on the video together as they have similar styles, body shapes and appearance in general.

The same year Chyna also tried herself as an actress – even though it was just a small role in the DGK movie. The life of Black Chyna became completely different when she met famous rapper Tyga in 2011.

They have casually talked for a month but later their relationships became more of romantic nature. So according to the Twitter account of American star, they started officially dating in November.

It all began with the video in the shooting of which Chyna participated. The paparazzi have noticed that they started to appear in public together quite often. They would attend clubs and restaurants together.

That’s when people realized there was something between those two. One year later they posed for Urban Ink Magazine together and most of their fans thought it was very cute. And after that Chyna got pregnant.

The same year she delivered a son and named him King Cairo Stevenson. It seemed like they were a perfect couple and planned to live like that forever. However, they broke up in 2014.

And then Chyna met Robert Kardashian in the beginning of 2016. They have dated only for 3 months before Rob proposed to her. And about a month later it became known that the couple is going to become parents!

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